Saturday, December 27, 2008

How to Determine Strength and Weakness in Choosing Music Career

Know your strength is a key of easy path and brighter success. When you implement that strength you face many challenges that could lead to produce millions of weaknesses.

I've read articles that make my day great. And I want to share it with you because it's really helpful to know what is a true singer or just pretending to be a singer. All people want to hear music because it is a part of life, but that doesn't mean you are singer.

Mostly every one wants to become famous singer even if they can't sing but they're using the power of money and in the end they fail because it is not their real strength. I want you to think and know about who you are and not pretending to be like you can do but the fact that you can not!

If you follow your heart, you can make the impossible to possible. Please read the biography of these legendary singers Shania Twain biography, Kelly Clarkson biography and etc. they came from a poor family and they succeed. Their family line has music background. If you have a dream, please follow your heart no matter what and stand for your dreams to become true.

Do not pretend to do the things that you’re not happy to do so. Ask yourself and learn someone’s criticism because it will help a lot and will determine what strengths and weaknesses you have. And your family is the number critics with you. Try to sing live and you’ll discover your true color in music career. The most important thing is whatever you do everyday and it makes you happy will make you rich! Think about it!

Do you think if you have a family has music back ground is an indication to choose singing career?

Yes it is! Because you need inspirations and cheerers for your dreams to achieve and family is a strong weapon. You must be thankful and happy that you have supportive family.

Strength must be required as singer;

Excellent Vocal quality

To attain this strength you must train hard for your voice to be strong and have the power to let the people stand and clap you in a performance. It is always being repeated in my contents that consistent vocal warm ups and maintain good health is a key to have excellent voice.

And I do believe also that voice is a gene from blood of parents but the problem is that blood line will not affect you if practice and trainings is not your first priority. Laziness is an enemy for singers. In general, you can acquire excellent vocal quality through constant practice and hard vocal exercise trainings.

Singer weakness must be aware of;

Laziness is an enemy

Singing needs physical efforts to see results. No practice no performance. Big dream no action no effect. The job of a singer is to memorize lyrics and sing in a perfect pitch. If you can not do this two duties there’s no more singing career a head of you.

This video is one of my original songs; many times we practice in order to get the right quality of the song.

Be active and positive!!!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

How to Choose the Right Microphone for Live Recording

Suggestions to use quality microphone for live camera recording

Most laptops or net books have belt in camera. It has huge help for chatting with families and friends in other world. However, in terms of quality the built in camera is not that high as long as your face will be appeared live and your voice is heard, it is a satisfaction for every one.

On the other hand, the critical use of built in camera is voice recording especially for singers and any other demo uses because the content of the video is important to hear for the viewers.  

It is okay to maximize the things of what you have and be contented. But, it is also important to think of other people’s satisfaction. And so my suggestion is that the quality of your work must be in the first place.

There is no need to buy popular and very expensive technology for your get heard. The important is you heard and seen clearly.

This is me using my built in camera, it works actually but it is not really that good.

And these two videos are example using microphone;
I have recorded a song entitled "We are the World" in multitrack using Shure Microphone C606. If you are using this type of microphone, then your voice will sounds like this,

Only hope using shure microphone C606,

Are you looking for karaoke to sing with your family and friends, then you might need a Magic Sing-Magic and Karaoke Microphone.

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