Sunday, December 27, 2009

Successful Home Vocals Recording Studio Tips and Preparations

There are different kinds of noise at home and you have no control like neighbor’s activities and animal noise. In order to avoid this problems you must record during at noon after lunch time because this is nap moment and in the middle of the night because everyone are full asleep.
Let’s talk about vocal preparations before recording it;
1. You must have a schedule time of your recording one week later so that you can prepare your song to sing and you can take good care of your vocals.
2. At the day of your recording schedule if it is at noon you must eat heavy meals during breakfast and light food at noon because once your stomach has full of food during recording sessions there are tendency that you can not blow and push more air and you can not breathe deeply during your singing.
3. Avoid repeat recording because your throat is affected of stress as a result your final vocal recording is not as good as what you except. So, the lesson here is you must practice hard before recording.
4. Focus and determination is very important. And during recording feeling must be express well.

I hope you have wonderful a holiday! Thank you.