Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What are the Possible Opportunities for Singer in order to make Money

There are lots of talented singers all around the world. Singers have categories by their skills and it is ranked of type of voice they have. It is very important to determine the range of your voice and keep on developing it so that someday you will use your talent and have a lot of opportunities to face.

Here are ideas on how to make money of your skills;
1. Be a Studio Vocalist. Not all songwriters are singers; they need a vocalist to sing the song they wrote. Songwriters will pay you for every song that you perform.

2. Be a Solo Singer in a Club. Live performance is always great to hear, that is why even though we are in a new technology that we can always listen to music through IPOD, laptop and watch videos in, people will always find live gigs. On the other hand, as a solo singer it is a must that you will play an instruments like acoustic guitar and you need to practice 12 songs for one set=1 hour of playing. The songs must be fit of the customers in the club yet, in general most of the customers like upbeat song so, try to search on the internet the songs that was popular from 80’s, 90’s and modern times. Much better to practice more modern songs and if you have original songs try to play it one time. The owner of the club will pay you by set or per hour. I’m pretty sure the more you are good performer the better chance to earn a lot of money.

3. Be a Cruise Ship Musician. This opportunity is not good for married people because you are apart from your family. I think your family can understand you because they love you and the talent that had given you by God. Try to experience the extraordinary job that really fits to your expertise. You can bring a bunch of dollars when you get back home if you know how to save money.

4. Join a Choir. Usually choirs are in College and University School, Church and any organizations. If you join a scholarship program through choir you can save a lot of money because you are free of all the tuition fees.

5. Be a Music Teacher. At this time it is very rare to find a music teacher with an expertise of music theory, voice, conducting and instruments. You can study Bachelor of Arts Major in Music at the University to be able to teach at the Public and private Schools. A lot of money you’ll earn as a teacher too.

I think you have new ideas on how to make money out of your skills in singing, I hope it will be great and you are successful of what you want in your life.