Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eight ways to become successful vocalist

Proper pronunciation

If you can project or say the right word and deliver the true meaning of the song it is the same as you sing the right note. English songs are common for every one to sing aside from that it is a universal language so; it is needed to practice English pronunciations especially through songs.

Some people have difficulties to pronouns English because their language is quite different especially in some countries of Asia. In positive sides, a singer who sings his/her native language has great loyalty to the country. But if you have a dream to be heard in the world or even in some other countries, it is needed to sing English songs and it is important to pronouns the words well.


Listen to any non commercial and commercial songs is great. And to admire singers has big helped to enhance the voice quality, through comparing your voice with your favorite singers. However, it is not good to imitate every thing because by means of imitating it is a way of hiding your true colors and your own personality as a unique performer.

As a singer it is quite transparent and obvious to have originality it is a possibility to become famous because people know you through your style of singing, the way you interpret the songs and how to deal the audiences. Your fans love you of who you are not because you are like Celine Dion or Whitney Houston.

Originality begins with your creativity. Be sure to follow the standard rules in singing like regular voice warm up and always physically and mentally fit. Then make your own style including, how your voice sounds, how you dress, how you play your instruments, how you entertain the audience. And through originality, you can find yourself comfortable and it is easy to succeed in your career.

Be professional

Time management is very important as a singer because once you are late with your appointment, your client is disappointed and he/she probably not giving a gig or show. In short be on time of your performance. You must be ahead to arrive than your audience. Taking care of the voice is part of professionalism because you can not sing if your voice is not sounds well. So, aware how much time you sleep, it must 7-8 hours, drink water of the time, eat more vegetables. Be health conscious with your voice.

Practice consistently to achieve excellent performance and you look professional with your work. The laziness attitude is your best enemy in this career. It is so simple to defeat this conflict; you must love your work and spend all your time with your work because you loved it. It is like how you love your parents, and the thing to do by expressing your love is to spend your time with them.

Say a little prayer

If you believe in God then prayer is one your priority. But those who don’t know that a talent is a gift from God; you must start to believe it. There are times that you feel rejection and it is true that you can not please every one. If you believe in God with his miracles and power he can transform people turns to love you because he can do everything.
Say thank you to God every day for all the blessings. What ever happens don’t treat it negatively. It is God’s purpose how your situations might be. Just love God and spend time with him and it is how you spend time with your work.

Last updated: June 02, 2012