Sunday, November 13, 2011

The importance to practice Note Intervals helps enhance the Listening Skills of a Singer

What is it in your mind about Note Intervals? 

A singer sings different kind of songs but she doesn’t aware that every piece of the song has note intervals. And if the intervals are not correctly sung, it results to out of tune. This time, singer must give attention to every notes intervals of a song piece.

See the example below;

Starts from first bar the notes are do-mi- sol- fa- mi- re| do- do-sol-fa-mi-re| do-re-mi-do-sol-mi| re-mi-re-sol| sol-la-ci-do-re-ci|. Try to sing started from do- mi and so on…

Imagine every note has different melody but there are notes like in second bar do-do and this is called perfect lower octave and higher octave do. These two notes have the same sound.

The advantage of a singer to sing in right and perfect sounds of note intervals that she/he can delivers the melody of the song well. So, in results to that many people admire this type of singer because she sings perfectly. 

Even though a singer lacks voice technique but can sing the right pitch of the note, she’ll be great!
Most of the time singers perform just by memorizing the melody of the song and yet all the melody has its equivalent note sound. 

Like for instance the Happy Birthday Song;

We can see the note of birthday song is not easy to sing through the use of so fa syllable. Yet, if it is only a melody and lyrics of birthday song is so simple to imitate to sing.

And if all the people are knowledgeable about musical notes, everyone must compose their song through notes.
The problem arises if a singer doesn’t know how to sing note by note because she might be making her own melody and it results to out of tune. 

In other words, reviving the song is not bad but the essence and the meaning of the song is in complete if original melody change and that’s really the problem.

Second example is the National Anthem especially in Philippines, if a singer innovates the melody of the song Lupang Hinirang, the government agency will file a case to that singer who perform. 

So, if whoever wants to sing the National Anthem you must practice the right intervals of the songs and the right note.

Third is Taylor Shift, this recording artist sings naturally and have a very simple voice. She is not like BeyoncĂ© Knowles which voice is so complicated because the reason why Taylor Shift becomes popular that sings perfectly. Though she can’t hit high range but she can hit the right intervals of each note.

For those who dream to become a singer, just keep on developing your skills if you can invest to enhance your knowledge in music to the fullest. If you experience failure make it as challenge to achieve your dream. Keep on learning and apply the right technique.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Vocal Exercise for singers to attain Perfect Pitch

There are things to be aware of in singing. One of this is to prevent flatness and sharpness of the voice because to sing perfectly is critical sometimes flat and sharp is excuse but it’s not right to make it as a habit!

That’s there should be constant practice and enough techniques. Many aspirant and potential singers do not aware of their pitch tune. If a singer sings sharp she is out of tune and it destroys the entire song.

As you listen to the sample video and you can see the 2 types of image the first one is the correct CMAJOR SCALE at which the first note is DO followed by the second note RE and so on.

And the 2nd image at which the first notes is DO# then RE. If you have keyboard try to play the two scales and sing it as you play the notes, determine the big difference between DO AND DO# tune. Try to be aware of that mistake because this is very critical in singing pitch.

Here are reference standard recording artists that there songs are useful tools to practice vocal exercise to improve singing with the right perfect pitch;

1.)    Learn to sing standard song by Barbara Streisand the song entitled MEMORY. This song has high pitch and contains a very low pitch tune; you can listen to it in YouTube as you hear Barbara singing, sing together with her.
Examine very carefully how she sings in high pitch and then in a very low pitch tune. 

2.)    Also try to listen to Karen Carpenter song entitled SUPER STAR. The range of her voice can reach to a very low pitch. Try to experiment how did she made it? It’s quite amazing!

3.)    Listen to Rap singers like Eminem song Eminem-Stan feat. Dido and observe how did he do the rap thing while only just speaking the lyrics of the song and still his range is exactly correct. 

4.)    Practice the choir techniques, this kind of singing performance is the most critical because most of the time choirs perform in ACAPELLA Anak- Philippine Madrigal singers or the sing without music accompaniment because there already have harmony due to the function of the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.
 If each section will sing together it creates chords. But, it is really difficult and it needs enough time to practice. And this is also one of the best tools for you to practice vocal exercise to attain perfect pitch.

5.)    Opera singers are really great. Mozart The Magic Flute Queen of the Night Aria.
To be a great singer, learn from other voice techniques, yet it is not advisable to imitate their originality rather only with their singing style.

It is always the best way to observe and learn from successful singers.
Keep in mind to be careful and aware that not all successful singers have perfect pitch tune, only few are chosen.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Greatest Singers/Vocalist of all time and WHY?

If you would like to know who are these greatest singers and vocalist of all time, keep reading. You will know why they are great and why you should idolize them. This is not ordered according to their greatness and popularity. Spend time listening to their works (depending on your selecting genre), if you allow yourself to be influenced by great singers, you would also become a great singer.

1.) Aloysia Weber (Classical 1770-1839) – she is great for performing Mozart most difficult soprano pieces.  One of the highest notes ever written for a soprano (Popoli di Tessaglia) was written by Mozart and the composer dedicates the work to Aloysia Weber to perform.

2.) Bono ( Pop 1960- ) –one of the greatest modern singers. Bono is the lead-man of the band named U2 famous for chart topping hits like “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “In the name of love”, “With or without you”. Bono is with U2 for more than a decade and still performing today. A lot of singers cover Bono songs and imitate his vocal style.

3.) Luciano Pavarotti ( Classical 1935-2007) – a tenor famous for Ave Maria, Madame Butterfly, etc. His early life is not joke; Luciano had a difficult early life and faces a lot of challenges as a singer.  There are moments that he spent six years of his life in recital without a pay and even had one problem with his vocal cords that almost forces him to quit singing.

4.) Mariah Carey (Pop 1970- ) – one of the most successful and influential pop singers of all time. She could sing one of the highest notes in soprano, performed whistling very well and sung difficult staccatos. One of her favourite and famous works includes “Love takes time”, “Hero”, “Emotions”.

5.) Robert Plant (Rock 1948-) – leader of the most successful heavy rock band “Led Zeppelin”. Robert plant vocal technique and style in the 70’s are legendary and pioneering in approach. Lots of bands follow the same vocal style through the 80’s, that rough, high-pitching heavy vocal style.

6.) Elvis Presley (Rock 1935-1977) – the king of rock n roll is a great vocalist himself. He influenced a lot of great singers and a great live performer. Although he is not known belter, his cool down to earth voice is one of the best things that ever happen to radio.

7.) Michael Jackson (Pop 1958-2009) – the king of pop is certainly one of the best singers of all time. Even when he was a child, Michael talents for singing is already very clear. He was remembered for singing “Ben” as a child and transforming into a mega pop star in the 80’s and 90’s releasing multi-platinum albums like “Thriller”.

8.) Celine Dion (Pop 1968-) -famous for common singing contest piece such as "My Heart will go on", "Immortality", "Because you love me" and many more.

9.) Aretha Franklin (Soul/Jazz 1942- ) - she is also no.1 in the list of greatest singers in all time Rolling Stones. I am a great fan of Aretha Franklin, some of her songs like "I say a little for you" is a very nice soul song.

Did the list miss something great?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Upgrading your Singing Skill to Music Teaching

This time it is really hard to find and earn money out of your talent because the world has full of competitors of many professional singers. That is why it is very important to acquire more skills aside from singing so that you will not behind. If you think you love music, develop it because this will make you rich and happy forever.
These are the following options;

1. Teaching Music in Primary, Secondary and is in demand. Music is a language that requires proper education. To get this job you need to have Bachelors degree of Music because the more money you invest to acquire skills the greater the money you’ll earn. Whatever country you belong music exist. Though the interpretation in the style of music is different due to its influences of tradition. In elementary or primary education, children must learn the basic music symbols and to sing and write notes. As teacher, you can form a children choir in your school. In Secondary education, choir is good to assemble; school band or marching band is recommended also. The basic music lessons will implement because there are other schools don’t have formal music class during elementary. Furthermore, music history lesson is important because a part of culture and tradition it is a way of educating the people or the students to know the significant of music from our ancestry and it can determine the difference how was music before and now. In teaching in tertiary level you must have masters or doctorate degree.

2. Music Teacher and Entertainment singer to work abroad. To work in other county is a high standing and achievement of your profession. And also as entertainment singer you gain high respect and earn big income especially if you acquire their own language and sing their popular songs. Another English song are appreciated in other countries.

3. Part time job as songwriter. You will get paid out of your original songs however; this career is not easy to do because it needs expertise in making different form of music and also social skill is very important to market your songs. Like for instance, there are business firms want promote their new product by advertising and music is always present to make the consumers satisfaction and willingness to buy the good. Music has a big role so, you must be careful to make the lyrics and melody must relate and rhyme of the subject.

4. Music Therapy/ Therapist. Music can reduce or release stress. Therapist use music by singing or playing instruments to help the clients improve their physical and emotional condition in addition, to maintain their good health. It is advisable to use the style of music which is religious songs, classical and instrumental songs. This job requires highly professionals aside from music degree it also has degree of human behavior expertise because in music it needs an interpretation to make a person believe and there must be a transformation of the mind from negative to positive. And also you must have wide music background especially to choose the right music for your client.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why attitude is more important than singing talent?

With the current trends today, it is debatable that attitude is more important than singing talent. I have a question for you: “How do you feel if you have the greatest voices in the whole world but no one will like you or remember your existence because you are really a bad person?”

Let’s have a case example: Supposing your goal of becoming successful in singing is only about money and fame. So which means you should do everything in your life just to get money and fame. Some singers might cross the boundary and do bad things just to get their goal. But let me tell you that aiming for money and fame can always get you in trouble in the long run.

Some singers have short run of success aiming for only fame and fortune. Why? It is because it is easy for them to get drunk of their success and not being to manage those things effectively and positively. As a result, their money ran out because of mismanagement and ignorance. There are countless stories of singers who had gone very successful and then went bankrupt afterwards.

So why attitude is more important than singing talent? The answer is that attitude is what really determines your value and importance to others. No one cares how good or excellent you are as a singer if you do not have the attitude. You have no value to other person. It is because simply you do not value them as well. Having fans is easy but retaining fans is even harder. It is disappointing to hear that because of your bad attitude towards your fans, you will lose a lot of loyal fans in your singing career.

Your success as a singer actually depends on your attitude on these 3 different things:

1.) Attitude towards your fans.
2.) Attitude towards your promoters, producers or business partners.
3.) Attitude towards yourself.

How can you show good attitude towards your fans:

1.) Value them so much by replying to their messages or fan mails.
2.) Reward them for their loyalty; you might as well give them free tickets for your most loyal fans.
3.) Be punctual in every fan shows.
4.) Look them in the eye when they are talking to you.
5.) Be nice to them, show them at most that you care and not being ignored.

How can you show good attitude towards your business partners:

1.) Do not partner with them just because of their money.
2.) Do not expect your business partners to be the only solution to your success. Sometimes more hard work should be done on your part.
3.) Do not hate your business partners if they fail to land a deal for you.
4.) Reward your business partners if they help you on something significant to your career. You can treat them to dinner, drinks, etc.

How can you show good attitude towards yourself:

1.) Always be happy in everything that you do.
2.) Do your best in everything that you do.
3.) Do not blame yourself for failures.
4.) Aim for happiness in life not in money and in fortune.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Common Mistakes done by Talented Singers in their Careers

In life, I've met a lot of talented singers. Talent is both a God-given and an acquired skill brought about interest, family brought up and experience. Not all are talented singers with great voices,charisma and outstanding performance. But I am sad to see a lot of these great talents faded and gone. Yes, for a talent to grow, you need to nurture it. A lot of great singers commit different mistakes that diverts them from their singing career. Find out below what are these common mistakes:

Mistake #1: Assuming that talent will last forever
Reality: To be a good singer is to keep singing and learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of others. If you stop singing, your vocal quality can degrade because it's not being used frequently. It is why professional singers will spend at least a time every week to improve their vocal performance. This includes vocalization and other singing practice.

Or if other things in life are diverting you away from singing, there are a lot of creative things to do. A good example is to join a choir and commit to it. Joining choir is a good way to practice your vocal performance skills.

Mistake #2: No career plan and not managing risk as a singer
Reality: A LOT of talented and great singers are being discouraged either by their parents or friends that they cannot support their family in the future by just singing. Or they might say that you cannot find a stable job with singing. A lot of these advices are treating singers with very low value and disrespect in the community.

This is not actually true. The fact is that if a singer has enough guts and interest in singing/music; it will guide him/her to success. Being a singer is like an entrepreneur, you need to take and manage these risks. Being not able to get a stable job in singing is only a risks, it is not a hindrance to a singer success. Even other careers do face some risk, not only in music and singing career.

Your job as a singer is to acknowledge this risk and manage it. For example, 99% of the singers cannot get a job they want (as a singer), so instead of diverting very away from your career path as a singer; think and work smart. How about taking up a music degree so that even though you cannot find a day job as a singer, you can still get a job as composer, arranger, songwriter, record producer or even a record label executive, where singing is near to your heart?

Or not only in the entertainment job sector, but what if you can start your own vocal coach business after you graduated with a music degree? It sounds nice isn't it? The truth is that a lot of singers get diverted because they lack guts, confidence, plan and support. If you do really love singing, you got to manage the risks that comes along with it.

Mistake #3: Not focusing on LOOKS

Reality: Singers should look good. No matter if you criticize as not being a good looking person or even has model looks, you really need to focus on improving your looks. Why? You are an entertainer and will be facing a lot of people during your performance. Its natural that you should look good because a lot of people will be staring at you. If you do not look good, mostly some of these people won't impress with your singing skills alone; you also need to look good on stage. If you are obese, try to lose some weight. If you are too thin, try to get some weight and get those curves right!

Mistake #4: Not being original
Reality: Trust me, to be an outstanding professional singer you need to develop your OWN voice. This is the voice where your fans and listeners will notice you if they hear you singing in the radio or in other places. Your originality is what separates you from the rest of your competitors. If you are working in your entire singing career just to be like another Mariah Carey, Celine Dion or Bono then you will not succeed. The music industry needs another unique voice just like them.

Mistake #5: Not loving music theory
Reality: Ordinary and amateur singers simply listen to a song, read the lyrics and get that microphone; then its done. Professional singers are very different. There will be a time when they are singing directly from the music sheet(solfege or sight-singing technique. Now this require you to be very good at musical theory. It is one of the reasons I pursue a music degree because I am NOT good at music, I am only good at singing. These two are different.

Also, its important that once you acquire some music theory, take advantage of it and use it to improve your singing career. You might be able to write songs better this time, or even write a complete musical instrumental piece (minus one) just for your vocals.

Mistake #6: Not having connections with the music industry
Reality: To succeed, you need a network of friends in your industry. These persons will be the one to help you attain your goal. The secret is not to be pushy and demanding. You need to make friends with them naturally just the way you make friends in schools. By making friends with them, you learn about how the music industry works. And then if you are really good, your friends can even recommend you to a recording label. A lot of successful artist are signed in this way. Just don't expect a record label deal, your objective is to know the industry.

By acknowledging these mistakes and taking actions in advance; I can guarantee you that you will soon reach your dream as a professional singer.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What are the Possible Opportunities for Singer in order to make Money

There are lots of talented singers all around the world. Singers have categories by their skills and it is ranked of type of voice they have. It is very important to determine the range of your voice and keep on developing it so that someday you will use your talent and have a lot of opportunities to face.

Here are ideas on how to make money of your skills;
1. Be a Studio Vocalist. Not all songwriters are singers; they need a vocalist to sing the song they wrote. Songwriters will pay you for every song that you perform.

2. Be a Solo Singer in a Club. Live performance is always great to hear, that is why even though we are in a new technology that we can always listen to music through IPOD, laptop and watch videos in, people will always find live gigs. On the other hand, as a solo singer it is a must that you will play an instruments like acoustic guitar and you need to practice 12 songs for one set=1 hour of playing. The songs must be fit of the customers in the club yet, in general most of the customers like upbeat song so, try to search on the internet the songs that was popular from 80’s, 90’s and modern times. Much better to practice more modern songs and if you have original songs try to play it one time. The owner of the club will pay you by set or per hour. I’m pretty sure the more you are good performer the better chance to earn a lot of money.

3. Be a Cruise Ship Musician. This opportunity is not good for married people because you are apart from your family. I think your family can understand you because they love you and the talent that had given you by God. Try to experience the extraordinary job that really fits to your expertise. You can bring a bunch of dollars when you get back home if you know how to save money.

4. Join a Choir. Usually choirs are in College and University School, Church and any organizations. If you join a scholarship program through choir you can save a lot of money because you are free of all the tuition fees.

5. Be a Music Teacher. At this time it is very rare to find a music teacher with an expertise of music theory, voice, conducting and instruments. You can study Bachelor of Arts Major in Music at the University to be able to teach at the Public and private Schools. A lot of money you’ll earn as a teacher too.

I think you have new ideas on how to make money out of your skills in singing, I hope it will be great and you are successful of what you want in your life.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What are Western Musical Instruments

It is amazing to know the other instruments in the world because we all know that the note that is being played by the instrumentalists is the same Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ci-Do no matter what instruments he masters.

So here the lists of Western Instruments;

The Violin Family

These instruments are popular because it is use for Symphony orchestra. A lot of percent of the population are familiar and knows how to play the violin family.

There are 5 members of violin family; 

Violin--- Viola---- Cello--- Double Bass--- Harp

Though its image is different from all the four members of the violin family but it is consider as the family.

The Woodwind Family

Have been trying to hear the sound of Bassoon? Try to search it on and you will surprise how wonderful tone of the woodwind instrument.

Here are the 6 members of Woodwind Family;

Flute---Clarinet---English Horn--- Oboe--- Piccolo--- Bassoon 


The Brass Family

These instruments is use for marching band during Mardi Gras season", and "Carnival season. In Brazil there’s a big Mardi Gras season and while in Cebu there’s Sinulog Festival. Brass instruments have huge sound and it’s like a mother cow who calls a calf.

Here are the 4 members of Brass Family;

French Horn--- Trombone--- Trumpet--- Tuba


The Percussion Family

These instruments are for rhythmic. Percussion is very useful in old and modern music like pop genre, country styles, reggae, Rnb Hip-hop and most especially the Alternative Rock and Metallic genres.

Here are the 4 members of Percussion Family;

Bass Drum--- Cymbals--- Snare Drums--- Timpani


To know more about descriptions of western instruments please search more on google. if you are interested to learn of any of these instruments, you will find the free tutorial on Good luck and God bless everyone!

Last updated: April 22, 2012

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How do you Measure your Success as Singing Career?

How old are you today? Are you in a hurry to attain your dream to become a singer? Or are you old enough to fulfill your dreams to become a singer? Where are you now in Singer career? Are you really focused to make realized your dream?

Age is not the hindrance to make your dream come true. Yet, the better you start to develop your singing ability at young age from 5years old above because when you get teenager you have the instrument the “VOICE” wherever you go it will always be with you and time will come there’s opportunity for you.
The best thing to do is keep on doing the things that belongs to your goals everyday. Every little thing creates results at the end of the day. Count on the things you do that’s makes you happy and never mind the distractions.
Hope is your key to success. Feel the hope from the bottom of your heart and it's you will be as free to do everything and have freedom. The way to change your mind from reactive to proactive is that you only need to have “HOPE” all the time.
Set pointers where to stop. Meditation is a way to review you. Sometimes you forget to think where you are now; it’s like if you are busy of your job you forget to eat your meals, so the effect is not good. It is very important to meditate and ask yourself what do I want in my life? You are in the situation of having everything you are now a celebrity but you are not happy. We all know that to do over time have many effects; over time in keep on mining more minerals even though we have all enough. Don’t forget to have limits where to stop because as we all know that not only a career is our priorities in life but also the people you love and they need your presence.

There are factors that makes you sometimes to have unfocused mind in achieving your singer career;
1. Poverty. If you belong in a poor family, does your parent supports your talent? They focus on finding day job to provide the basic needs for the family. Are you strong enough to fight your dream? Of course you have to because there is always ways if you will continue searching what you wish for! Don’t get discouraged if your parents can’t support you to the fullest and all you have to do is understand them and find a solution. In a way of your skills in singing you will make money from it and that’s the time you can help your parents and they will make you them proud. Always put in your mind that everything that has happen to you is God’s purpose. What I mean is that, you will keep on moving to find ways to become your dreams will realize. Don’t blame your parents instead use them as your inspiration that when you go for your dreams they will be proud of you and the poverty will banish forever because you make a lot of money from your talent. Always keep in mind don’t make money illegally. Do what is right and be contented all the time.
2. Low of Self-esteem. Millions of people are successful singers but billions of them are failure. Because good moral values is as difficult as to swim in a pacific ocean 24hours. We lose to realize our dreams it’s only because of fear to accept the mistakes and failures, afraid to hear criticism. There are kinds of people who are destroyer of hope that is why you have to be strong and stand for your dream. Once you are successful no one will ever stop you. So, have pride for your talent by fighting the struggle.
3. Lack of decision making. The thing a person has very difficult to do is how to begin. You have all the time and resources why do you hesitate to do? What are you waiting? If you can’t answer these two questions so, it is time to act now. Sometimes, you depend on what others opinion, you have your own brain and heart use it. You only lend from others advice only to those who cares for your talent. Be aware of family advices because they’re your weakness, and you know that they have powerful opinions than your grandparents, friends and relatives but try to explain to them what you really want to do in your life.

Note: Always chose the right path to make your dreams come true. There’s no success without hope, contentment and happiness. Good luck and God speed to all.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Importance to know the Basic Note Reading and how it helps you as a Singer

If you are called as singer, you must know more than singing like the basic music note reading because not all the time you will sing the lyrics but also on how to read and sing the notes. All tones that you create start from the tone of the notes DO- RE- MI-FA-SOL-LA-CI-DO. Some people especially instrumentalists that have the skills to compose a song they usually compose by humming the melody and record in a tape recorder.
However, there are times if you are not good in singing you don’t know that you sing flats or sharps. Singing is very critical especially to sing in an exact pitch sound. In other words, professional singers like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion can sometimes experienced to sing flats or sharp however, their advantage is they do know that they’re out of tune because they have the ability of note reading and hearing.
The scales with sharps and flats:

Here are the importance and advantages to know the basic note reading and singing;
1. If you wish to join a choir you will use your basic knowledge in note reading because not all the time, choir conductor can manage the sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. Usually he/she focus on the soprano part because it is a melody of the song while altos, tenors and basses part is in harmony.
2. Proper singing the exact notes can help to develop singing in a correct pitch. Singers must aware if their voice tones are in flat or sharps so they can easily avoid the out of tune.
3. It is so easy to compose a song if you have the knowledge to read and sing the notes starting from middle DO to higher DO.

4. Play your guitar or your piano and apply your knowledge in note reading. I believe that all singers are required to play their own favorite instruments because it is a must. It is fine if you only know on how play the basic because time will come you will improve only if you practice.
5. If you don’t really have the skills in singing it is very important for you to focus on practicing the note reading in G-clef and Bass-clef because you can express your love in singing through composing the instrumentation or to play instrumental songs.
6. Music note is a universal language, all of the people in the world can read notes unlike the Filipino language for instance Pag-ibig-Filipino language, do you think people who live in Africa, America and Europe do know the meaning of Pag-ibig? How about Do-Re-Mi? Try to ask different kinds of people, they know it. So, music is the most respected of all human kind.

So, for those who want to become a singer, you must study and learn the note reading because music notes are vital requirements for singers. You are professional if you can read, play and sing the notes.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Motivation to Become a Singer

Most of the time, the talent was inherited by our parents Genes. As a person with talent you must have to develop it to make you become skillful. Do you think it is a simple job to become skillful and talented that a person has? Yes, it is easy if you have motivations to become what you want. These might be are the motivations you have;
1. Motivation of passion to sing. Some others say that it is better to go through the rough road and without wearing slippers but with strong and happy feelings rather than doing something that is not a field of expertise and it is sad. In other words, what passion do you feel now? Is it because of anger that motivates you to become a singer? You are angry it might be because of jealousy and insecurity of comparing yourself to others. Do you know that the more you get angry the more you are closer to become a loser? How about passion of love to sing without expecting of any return. The more you practice everyday and develop your voice it is a sign that you love your talent. It is like preparing food for you family everyday without complaining any single word. So that’s how you love your voice, you care by developing it and sharing with others.
2. Motivation of fame. This is very common mostly for teenagers; they need more attention to many people that is why teens are trying their best to expose their talents to be able to become popular. But you know what? Popularity is not permanent it is temporary because everyone will get old. So, are you one of this?
3. Motivation of parents. This is so emotional and inspiring to hear when your parents encourage you to become a singer because it feels lightly if parents will support your dreams. But, in the end you will be the judge of yourself to analyze and ask yourself a question, am I really a singer? Like for example, it’s a culture of parents in the world who drives the dreams of their children. The parents are powerful to control their children’s ambition because they are the one’s to invest and finance them. The parents will choose the course even if it is not really fit with the child capability, but always remember to give a full of respect to your parents no matter what they do. Parents are great listeners to their children it means that you have the right and freedom to explain and tell the truth about your expertise and your strength. The best is that, once you are mature enough to decide, analyze and find your own livelihood, try not to depend always your parents as long as you decide in God’s will and never hurt anybody’s right and feelings; so you can go through your journey that is full of light. And this light will bring you success to become a singer.
4. Motivation of Money. Oh! I want money! I need money! It is true that money can buy everything in this world, can buy popularity and can buy position especially in politics. You are very rich singer if you win in the national singing competition, Album sales, concert and product advertiser. Well everyone wants to have money and some who aims to become super rich and others are contented if they can provide their basic needs everyday. It all depends on how you think of money as your motivation to reach your goal or maybe you want to have lot money because you dream of owning a 5 star hotel, make a mall and make a Disney land. Or let’s make it simple, you donate your money to the poor or you want your family to live in a comfortable life. Lastly, if you are motivated to have a lot of money through your talent in singing, starts to act your plan on how to make money by the use of your voice. Be sure it is the right way or else you will lose.

Note: Please try to think twice of the decision you make. The most important to be aware of is not doing things in a fast way. Don’t be selfish and self centered when making decisions always think of others more than you. Relax and keep on doing your everyday work in a right way. Be true to yourself by accepting your mistakes and learn from it. Don’t stop and keep on walking with full of confidence. There’s nothing to worry about what’s ahead of you even now because everything are made for God’s purpose. What motivates you now is not a mistake you chose it and you must stand for it because every opinion is always right. However, you must be very careful and smart enough to think and chose the right path of your way to become a singer. Wherever you go, you will pass because there is always an Entrance and Exit!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The different sounds between Major and Minor scales and how it relates to develop the singing skills

It is very important for a singer to know and need to master and practice the difference between the sounds of Major and minor Scales because it has a big impact with your hearing techniques in singing. Once you are being able to identify and sing the major and minor key soon it is very easy for you to sing. Try to get your available instrument and play the C Major scales and also the minor scales the B minor. The C major sound is like the feeling of happiness and lively whiles the B minor sound is like a tone of sadness.

Picture of C Major Scales

Here is the example of C Major Scales and try to play the scaling on your guitar or piano and you will notice the Major scales is like climbing up to the mountain without hesitation also if you play the scaling going down, is like running the stairs from 4rth floor until ground in a comfortable condition. When it applies to the singing skills, once you are going to sing a major key, try to express it with full of energy and have a strong feeling into it, so that you can give the meaning and interpret the piece very well.

Picture of B minor Scales

Again play the minor scale it in your mastered instrument. Minor scales are always below the pitch of major scales. So, if you sing in a minor key your singing style must bring has its expression in a sad mood and mysterious tone. In fact, minor key is the most expressive the way you sing. It needs more deep feelings and it must be true emotions when you try to interpret and sing a song in a minor key.

A simple example with this is a “Happy Birthday song” you will easily know that this is a Major Key because from its title itself. What if there are times you celebrate your birthday alone because no one remembered your birthday, can you sing the happy birthday song in a happy mood? Maybe not because the current emotion will affect automatically through the song you sing. The minor tone has big impact when you sing love songs.

Picture of C Major Chord & A minor chord, F Major Chord & D minor chord

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Importance of Proper Breathing and how to Achieve in Singing

Why is proper breathing important? What are you going to do when you breathe normally and regularly? What are the reasons why you can’t breathe well? And how is it being applied?
Proper breathing is very important for singers to sing well. It is like an instrument that is in perfect tune. The reason why is it important to have proper breathing are as follows;
First you can pronouns well the words of the song. When you breathe in and out use your mouth for out and nose for in and feel the shape of your mouth is going round, start to sing together with air to let go.
Second the phrasing is clear and sounds great. If you have enough air inside, the words of the song is connected to each other. So, the audience can understand well the meaning of the song. The audience is more interested and respect to your performance and all the attention is always on you.
Third the power of the voice that can make the audience stand is well delivered. Try to blow a big candle but before you make it you’ll have to breathe in to have enough air inside, when you start to blow you’ll aware that the air will gradually out until the last blow is strong. That’s how your voice should be; the way you sing has dynamics.
Fourth you can feel relax while you sing. Have you been in a performance the feeling of breathing was disconnected? It is because you forgot to breathe the air in; you have no enough power to release the strong of your voice.
And fifth our body needs oxygen that is why we have to breathe properly because oxygen will make our body always in condition.

To be able to attain and achieve the proper breathing in singing, it is important to have regular exercise of your voice it is called “VOCALIZATION” to make your mouth is always in right shape, to develop your voice with high quality and you will know what is your range, then do physical exercise at least 15 minutes a day because these will make you healthier and be able to have enough oxygen in your body to maintain the air will go inside without any force to breathe in. And also to breathe in it is better to use your nose and then to breathe out use your mouth. The reason why nose is use for breathing in because your diaphragm will make it tight it means you had enough air to blow when you start singing. Practice expanding slowly your stomach when it’s time to release the air or when you start singing, then keep on the diaphragm tight to breathe in by the use of nose, so you can always have enough air to support and make your voice clear and great.
On the other way, and remember, drink a lot of water, eat glow food and sleep well especially before performing live. Don’t force yourself to sing if you are not in a good condition, unless you are already mastered the piece. Make sure you memorize the lyrics and where in the song to breathe in and breathe out. Memorize everything; do not bring a copy because it reduces your ability to remember. In singing, the words of the song must be memorized instead of being dependent on subtitles.

I really hope you learn something new and I'll be glad if you develop and improve it by your heart! Good luck and God bless you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What are the moveable Clef and how to read from one Clef to another Clef

There are five movable clefs these are Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, Tenor and Baritone. The advantage of this clef is that once you have an idea on how it works, you can make a choir using this clef. Choir has four to five voices.

To read the notes of each clef, Like for example the Soprano Clef you will see the first note is at the center of the clef sign, that is the “do” note. The next is re-me-fa-so-la-ci-do. This is how to read the notes in a moveable clef.

Another thing is how to read the notes from Soprano Clef and you read to Baritone Clef. This is how it works; always start to identify the given note from the first clef/Soprano Clef. Please take a look at the sample below in soprano clef the first given note is “do” Then, if you will have to transpose to Baritone clef and this is how it looks like.

I know you will ask why is it that there is a big difference of the placement of the notes when it is transposed. In grand piano there are two Clefs the Bass/F- Clef and G-Clef however in moveable clef you just change the placement of the notes but originally there are only two Clefs in it. So, Soprano Clef is G- Clef while Baritone Clef is F-Clef, Mezzo is F-Clef, Alto is G-Clef and Tenor is G-Clef.

Note: I hope you get some ideas from this tips. Thank you very much for your time!
Just keep on doing the things that you want to do and always ask yourself. Is it the right thing? Did I hurt somebody?

Friday, January 28, 2011

How to sing on key: Learn the right tips for singing on pitch

This is one of the most important guides on how to become a successful singer. To become successful, you really need to know how to sing on key. This means as a singer you should know how to sing in tune or in pitch with the song. This is often the hardest but with proper techniques; there is an easy solution after all. Feel free to link to this important guide or share it with your friends who love singing. Supposing you are assigned or scheduled to sing in front of a public gathering which might be composed of hundreds or even thousands of listeners. And you need to sing your favorite song; the only problem is that either the key of the song is high or too low for your own vocal range. So the following steps can help you solve this problem:

Step1: Not all singers have the gift to sing the entire four or even five octave vocal range (from the lowest possible human voice to the highest pitch). The first step is of course, knowing your “effective vocal range”. To find the perfect key for your effective vocal range is that you need help from an “accompanist”. An accompanist is a person who is skillful with a particular instrument such as a guitar or piano that can play along with the singer. It is not easy to find an accompanist, you find a lot in your school or even one of your friends may know how to play these instruments very well. If you are looking for an accompanist, one of the very important requirements is the following:

a.) Knows how to play all the chords either in piano or in guitar.
b.) Knows how to expertly transpose the chords of the song in a piano or a guitar. For example if a certain song has the following chord sequence: C- Am- F- G.
c.) Knows how to tune his guitar to standard pitch.
d.) Knowledge on the use of guitar capo is desirable but it is not required.

Then transposing it two steps higher will be D- Bm- G- A. Or two steps lower will be Bb- Gm- Eb- F. Make sure the accompanist knows how to do these things very easily.

Step2: Once you find an accompanist, give him/her the piece you would like to sing. A lyric with the given chords is enough. Make sure the chords are accurate and using standard key (most musical compositions are written in standard tuning). Then let the accompanist tune his guitar to standard pitch. No need to worry about the piano since it is already tune to standard. An important requirement of the song chords is that it should match with the key of your song minus one-karaoke version. In case you don’t know the key of your minus-one version, you need to consult your music instructor or need help with a recording engineer/studio musician. You can find some suggestions in Step 5 below. But if you are performing the song in front of your audience using a guitar or piano accompaniment (not using minus-one version), then this is not a problem. Give the accompanist some time to be familiar with the song chords so that he/she will have an idea how to transpose the song either higher or lower.

Step3: Now you need to meet the accompanist and practice/rehearse the song with him/her. This is the most important step. Let the accompanist play the song using the given chords and then try to sing from the beginning until the end of the song. If you find yourself having trouble reaching the highest notes of the song. Ask the accompanist to transpose the song key two steps below the original key and then sing again. A guitarist that uses capo can speed up the transposition process very easily. Repeat until you hit those highest notes perfectly and smoothly. Ensure that lowering the song key does not give you problems singing the lowest notes of the song. On the opposite; if you are natural born high pitch singer, you might want the accompanist to transpose the song key starting two steps higher and then move the pitch upwards until you can comfortably sing the song according to your vocal range. Take note the number of steps transposed. For example, the perfect key of the song is 4 steps below the standard key of the piece. Or if you are high pitch singer, the perfect key is 3 steps higher than the standard key.

Step4: If you will be performing with a minus one or karaoke at the time of your public performance. Send the minus-one track to a recording engineer and have them transpose the song according to your perfect key. Provide some information about how much transposition is needed. Of course, you need to ensure that the original chords (un-transposed) used by the accompanist match with the minus one version so that the transposition is straightforward.
If you looking for a recording engineer that can help you prepare your minus-one version, send an email to or visit the website . Once you have the copy of the transposed version, sing and rehearse with it. At your performance day, you can sing your piece “perfectly” and with confidence because it is now transposed according to your own vocal range.