Thursday, April 28, 2011

What are Western Musical Instruments

It is amazing to know the other instruments in the world because we all know that the note that is being played by the instrumentalists is the same Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ci-Do no matter what instruments he masters.

So here the lists of Western Instruments;

The Violin Family

These instruments are popular because it is use for Symphony orchestra. A lot of percent of the population are familiar and knows how to play the violin family.

There are 5 members of violin family; 

Violin--- Viola---- Cello--- Double Bass--- Harp

Though its image is different from all the four members of the violin family but it is consider as the family.

The Woodwind Family

Have been trying to hear the sound of Bassoon? Try to search it on and you will surprise how wonderful tone of the woodwind instrument.

Here are the 6 members of Woodwind Family;

Flute---Clarinet---English Horn--- Oboe--- Piccolo--- Bassoon 


The Brass Family

These instruments is use for marching band during Mardi Gras season", and "Carnival season. In Brazil there’s a big Mardi Gras season and while in Cebu there’s Sinulog Festival. Brass instruments have huge sound and it’s like a mother cow who calls a calf.

Here are the 4 members of Brass Family;

French Horn--- Trombone--- Trumpet--- Tuba


The Percussion Family

These instruments are for rhythmic. Percussion is very useful in old and modern music like pop genre, country styles, reggae, Rnb Hip-hop and most especially the Alternative Rock and Metallic genres.

Here are the 4 members of Percussion Family;

Bass Drum--- Cymbals--- Snare Drums--- Timpani


To know more about descriptions of western instruments please search more on google. if you are interested to learn of any of these instruments, you will find the free tutorial on Good luck and God bless everyone!

Last updated: April 22, 2012

Saturday, April 16, 2011

How do you Measure your Success as Singing Career?

How old are you today? Are you in a hurry to attain your dream to become a singer? Or are you old enough to fulfill your dreams to become a singer? Where are you now in Singer career? Are you really focused to make realized your dream?

Age is not the hindrance to make your dream come true. Yet, the better you start to develop your singing ability at young age from 5years old above because when you get teenager you have the instrument the “VOICE” wherever you go it will always be with you and time will come there’s opportunity for you.
The best thing to do is keep on doing the things that belongs to your goals everyday. Every little thing creates results at the end of the day. Count on the things you do that’s makes you happy and never mind the distractions.
Hope is your key to success. Feel the hope from the bottom of your heart and it's you will be as free to do everything and have freedom. The way to change your mind from reactive to proactive is that you only need to have “HOPE” all the time.
Set pointers where to stop. Meditation is a way to review you. Sometimes you forget to think where you are now; it’s like if you are busy of your job you forget to eat your meals, so the effect is not good. It is very important to meditate and ask yourself what do I want in my life? You are in the situation of having everything you are now a celebrity but you are not happy. We all know that to do over time have many effects; over time in keep on mining more minerals even though we have all enough. Don’t forget to have limits where to stop because as we all know that not only a career is our priorities in life but also the people you love and they need your presence.

There are factors that makes you sometimes to have unfocused mind in achieving your singer career;
1. Poverty. If you belong in a poor family, does your parent supports your talent? They focus on finding day job to provide the basic needs for the family. Are you strong enough to fight your dream? Of course you have to because there is always ways if you will continue searching what you wish for! Don’t get discouraged if your parents can’t support you to the fullest and all you have to do is understand them and find a solution. In a way of your skills in singing you will make money from it and that’s the time you can help your parents and they will make you them proud. Always put in your mind that everything that has happen to you is God’s purpose. What I mean is that, you will keep on moving to find ways to become your dreams will realize. Don’t blame your parents instead use them as your inspiration that when you go for your dreams they will be proud of you and the poverty will banish forever because you make a lot of money from your talent. Always keep in mind don’t make money illegally. Do what is right and be contented all the time.
2. Low of Self-esteem. Millions of people are successful singers but billions of them are failure. Because good moral values is as difficult as to swim in a pacific ocean 24hours. We lose to realize our dreams it’s only because of fear to accept the mistakes and failures, afraid to hear criticism. There are kinds of people who are destroyer of hope that is why you have to be strong and stand for your dream. Once you are successful no one will ever stop you. So, have pride for your talent by fighting the struggle.
3. Lack of decision making. The thing a person has very difficult to do is how to begin. You have all the time and resources why do you hesitate to do? What are you waiting? If you can’t answer these two questions so, it is time to act now. Sometimes, you depend on what others opinion, you have your own brain and heart use it. You only lend from others advice only to those who cares for your talent. Be aware of family advices because they’re your weakness, and you know that they have powerful opinions than your grandparents, friends and relatives but try to explain to them what you really want to do in your life.

Note: Always chose the right path to make your dreams come true. There’s no success without hope, contentment and happiness. Good luck and God speed to all.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Importance to know the Basic Note Reading and how it helps you as a Singer

If you are called as singer, you must know more than singing like the basic music note reading because not all the time you will sing the lyrics but also on how to read and sing the notes. All tones that you create start from the tone of the notes DO- RE- MI-FA-SOL-LA-CI-DO. Some people especially instrumentalists that have the skills to compose a song they usually compose by humming the melody and record in a tape recorder.
However, there are times if you are not good in singing you don’t know that you sing flats or sharps. Singing is very critical especially to sing in an exact pitch sound. In other words, professional singers like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion can sometimes experienced to sing flats or sharp however, their advantage is they do know that they’re out of tune because they have the ability of note reading and hearing.
The scales with sharps and flats:

Here are the importance and advantages to know the basic note reading and singing;
1. If you wish to join a choir you will use your basic knowledge in note reading because not all the time, choir conductor can manage the sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. Usually he/she focus on the soprano part because it is a melody of the song while altos, tenors and basses part is in harmony.
2. Proper singing the exact notes can help to develop singing in a correct pitch. Singers must aware if their voice tones are in flat or sharps so they can easily avoid the out of tune.
3. It is so easy to compose a song if you have the knowledge to read and sing the notes starting from middle DO to higher DO.

4. Play your guitar or your piano and apply your knowledge in note reading. I believe that all singers are required to play their own favorite instruments because it is a must. It is fine if you only know on how play the basic because time will come you will improve only if you practice.
5. If you don’t really have the skills in singing it is very important for you to focus on practicing the note reading in G-clef and Bass-clef because you can express your love in singing through composing the instrumentation or to play instrumental songs.
6. Music note is a universal language, all of the people in the world can read notes unlike the Filipino language for instance Pag-ibig-Filipino language, do you think people who live in Africa, America and Europe do know the meaning of Pag-ibig? How about Do-Re-Mi? Try to ask different kinds of people, they know it. So, music is the most respected of all human kind.

So, for those who want to become a singer, you must study and learn the note reading because music notes are vital requirements for singers. You are professional if you can read, play and sing the notes.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Motivation to Become a Singer

Most of the time, the talent was inherited by our parents Genes. As a person with talent you must have to develop it to make you become skillful. Do you think it is a simple job to become skillful and talented that a person has? Yes, it is easy if you have motivations to become what you want. These might be are the motivations you have;
1. Motivation of passion to sing. Some others say that it is better to go through the rough road and without wearing slippers but with strong and happy feelings rather than doing something that is not a field of expertise and it is sad. In other words, what passion do you feel now? Is it because of anger that motivates you to become a singer? You are angry it might be because of jealousy and insecurity of comparing yourself to others. Do you know that the more you get angry the more you are closer to become a loser? How about passion of love to sing without expecting of any return. The more you practice everyday and develop your voice it is a sign that you love your talent. It is like preparing food for you family everyday without complaining any single word. So that’s how you love your voice, you care by developing it and sharing with others.
2. Motivation of fame. This is very common mostly for teenagers; they need more attention to many people that is why teens are trying their best to expose their talents to be able to become popular. But you know what? Popularity is not permanent it is temporary because everyone will get old. So, are you one of this?
3. Motivation of parents. This is so emotional and inspiring to hear when your parents encourage you to become a singer because it feels lightly if parents will support your dreams. But, in the end you will be the judge of yourself to analyze and ask yourself a question, am I really a singer? Like for example, it’s a culture of parents in the world who drives the dreams of their children. The parents are powerful to control their children’s ambition because they are the one’s to invest and finance them. The parents will choose the course even if it is not really fit with the child capability, but always remember to give a full of respect to your parents no matter what they do. Parents are great listeners to their children it means that you have the right and freedom to explain and tell the truth about your expertise and your strength. The best is that, once you are mature enough to decide, analyze and find your own livelihood, try not to depend always your parents as long as you decide in God’s will and never hurt anybody’s right and feelings; so you can go through your journey that is full of light. And this light will bring you success to become a singer.
4. Motivation of Money. Oh! I want money! I need money! It is true that money can buy everything in this world, can buy popularity and can buy position especially in politics. You are very rich singer if you win in the national singing competition, Album sales, concert and product advertiser. Well everyone wants to have money and some who aims to become super rich and others are contented if they can provide their basic needs everyday. It all depends on how you think of money as your motivation to reach your goal or maybe you want to have lot money because you dream of owning a 5 star hotel, make a mall and make a Disney land. Or let’s make it simple, you donate your money to the poor or you want your family to live in a comfortable life. Lastly, if you are motivated to have a lot of money through your talent in singing, starts to act your plan on how to make money by the use of your voice. Be sure it is the right way or else you will lose.

Note: Please try to think twice of the decision you make. The most important to be aware of is not doing things in a fast way. Don’t be selfish and self centered when making decisions always think of others more than you. Relax and keep on doing your everyday work in a right way. Be true to yourself by accepting your mistakes and learn from it. Don’t stop and keep on walking with full of confidence. There’s nothing to worry about what’s ahead of you even now because everything are made for God’s purpose. What motivates you now is not a mistake you chose it and you must stand for it because every opinion is always right. However, you must be very careful and smart enough to think and chose the right path of your way to become a singer. Wherever you go, you will pass because there is always an Entrance and Exit!