Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Maintain Strong Voice all the Time

The right time to use the power of your voice quality is when you have live concert, tour and singing contest. Here are things to do and not to do of maintaining strong voice.
1. Body exercise- At least 15 minutes (Jumping jack, Jogging in place and dancing).
2. Vocalization- warm up your voice 15minutes and do it with only basic exercises (ha-ha-ha-ha, inhale exhale, twinkle little stars, 1&2&3&4&5& and etc stop until you lose air and do-re-mi-fa-sol) you can search it on youtube or Google of any vocalization.
3. Relax- Stay calm while you’re singing or performing. The mouth is wide open and keeps on smiling while singing.
4. Stand properly- You see beauty pageant like Miss Universe, Miss World and etc, look at the position of their feet. They do it because they feel relax. So, when you perform you have to imagine as Miss Universe Contestant. This is a kind of joke but it is true. It will add confidence as a singer and performer to stand properly.
5. Microphone position- Let your mouth control the microphone. Wherever your mouth the microphone is always there. 1inches is the distance of the microphone when you sing middle key. When it is higher key keep it 2inches slowly distance. Or search for American idol winners (Carrie Underwood-country singer, Kelly Clarkson- Pop rock, Jordin Sparks-PopRnb) and observe what their microphone position.
6. Water- Is great to drink after singing.

1. Laziness- You think you are good enough to perform without any preparations and you only drink water after singing. It is not useful if water only because you need to get wet of sweat first.
2. Do short cut- To sing a song without vocal warm up is a very dangerous idea. Your voice is not staying longer time it will surrender after 4-5 song performances because your throat is not well prepared.
3. Feel Pressure- You will feel scared to perform a song if you are lazy and do it in short cut. You are pressure because you are not preparing for the fight.

Tips: If you are serious of your singing career practice this at home. When you plan to sing with your videoke, karaoke or minus one cd do the above things to do’s. It is really wonderful to hear if you see great results.

Thank you very much for your time my dear readers… God Speed to all!