Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Sing with Feeling

Pop singers like Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Heart, Buno of U2, Mariah Carey, The Beatles and etc they are examples of Legendary and successful of their singing career. There are some reasons why they are so successful here are;
1. Sing like you tell a story
2. Understand the meaning of the song before singing it.
3. Read the lyrics of the song as many as you can.
4. Think someone to whom you dedicate the song you sing.

The best to express the song word by word is singing by your language like if you are American you sing an English song so it is very simple to express your feelings. English songs are so familiar to everybody but some countries having difficulties in singing and speaking in English. To sing with feeling you must follow the tips above.

This video is a religious song, and I hope you like it. Thank you very much.

For more videos of Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Heart, Buno of U2, Mariah Carey, The Beatles please go to you can learn many tips on how the way they expressed the song with feeling.


George said...

Hi Jeanine! it's me George from Guatemala City. It's been a while huh? You know that much about singing and I wonder one thing: How can I do to "vibe" my voice?
Yngwie Malmsteen says once that "the vibrato has to be controlled, like the opera singers..." Is there some tech to make it? Or is it need to be like natural in my singing???
You got one of my songs, remember?
I can't sing but with your tips and dedication I think I could do it someday...

Jeanine said...

Hello George, Yes I remember your song; yes sing in natural way of your singing style because to be an original is to become a legendary. On the other hand, there are many types of song genres like opera, rnb, pop, alternatives, country, rap, jazzy and many more… each of genres has different vibrato style. Yes vibrato is needed to be control. Also, vibrato is a part of an art of being a singer because when you sing the song with your heart and full of emotions the vibrato will come up. You can do vibrato because you can sing really good so just believe in yourself.
I hope this advice will help you. And thank you very much for your wonderful and meaningful questions it is really interesting! Good luck to you always.