Sunday, August 14, 2011

Upgrading your Singing Skill to Music Teaching

This time it is really hard to find and earn money out of your talent because the world has full of competitors of many professional singers. That is why it is very important to acquire more skills aside from singing so that you will not behind. If you think you love music, develop it because this will make you rich and happy forever.
These are the following options;

1. Teaching Music in Primary, Secondary and is in demand. Music is a language that requires proper education. To get this job you need to have Bachelors degree of Music because the more money you invest to acquire skills the greater the money you’ll earn. Whatever country you belong music exist. Though the interpretation in the style of music is different due to its influences of tradition. In elementary or primary education, children must learn the basic music symbols and to sing and write notes. As teacher, you can form a children choir in your school. In Secondary education, choir is good to assemble; school band or marching band is recommended also. The basic music lessons will implement because there are other schools don’t have formal music class during elementary. Furthermore, music history lesson is important because a part of culture and tradition it is a way of educating the people or the students to know the significant of music from our ancestry and it can determine the difference how was music before and now. In teaching in tertiary level you must have masters or doctorate degree.

2. Music Teacher and Entertainment singer to work abroad. To work in other county is a high standing and achievement of your profession. And also as entertainment singer you gain high respect and earn big income especially if you acquire their own language and sing their popular songs. Another English song are appreciated in other countries.

3. Part time job as songwriter. You will get paid out of your original songs however; this career is not easy to do because it needs expertise in making different form of music and also social skill is very important to market your songs. Like for instance, there are business firms want promote their new product by advertising and music is always present to make the consumers satisfaction and willingness to buy the good. Music has a big role so, you must be careful to make the lyrics and melody must relate and rhyme of the subject.

4. Music Therapy/ Therapist. Music can reduce or release stress. Therapist use music by singing or playing instruments to help the clients improve their physical and emotional condition in addition, to maintain their good health. It is advisable to use the style of music which is religious songs, classical and instrumental songs. This job requires highly professionals aside from music degree it also has degree of human behavior expertise because in music it needs an interpretation to make a person believe and there must be a transformation of the mind from negative to positive. And also you must have wide music background especially to choose the right music for your client.