Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is Falsetto a Fake voice or a voice Technique?

 Sing a strong Falsetto Technique

I recorded myself  to share tips on how to sing strong falsetto voice. You sing in normal voice is easy, when you want to change into something unique voice quality, you will have to sing like falsetto technique.

This technique is like singing with the flow of an air. You can use falsetto voice in an artistic ways of singing. Most importantly as a singer, you must know the behavior of your voice and then develop that kind of voice you have because every singer has it own quality.

The difference is  that how you sing the song and how is it being related to yourself. If you know how to interpret the song, your voice will go excellently.

This song is originated by Josh Groban entitled " Your raise me up", I chose to sing this because it a male version, and the strong falsetto technique will appear. Falsetto is not a fake voice, but it is a style as a singer. To sing a fake voice is singing without expressions. Falsetto is a technique and you need to develop it.

 You raise me up

This video by Elves Presley entitled " I can't help falling in love". If you want to improve falsetto technique you must try to sing the male versions and sing it in a high octaves. If Elves sings "do" in a middle range you must try to sing "do" high octaves. In falsetto style, you must have to develop breathing techniques in attain the strong voice.

 I can't help falling in love

It is a jazz in style. This is called "Killing me softly" by The Fugees. The range of this is not high but falsetto is also use, like for instance, try to sing the last verse of the song then before singing the chorus apply the falsetto technique, it will give more meaningful to the song. Sing the falsetto with this lyrics Killing me softly with his song killing me softly and so on...

Killing me softly

Always sing your original voice quality. And by this means people recognize who you are.

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