Sunday, December 27, 2009

Successful Home Vocals Recording Studio Tips and Preparations

There are different kinds of noise at home and you have no control like neighbor’s activities and animal noise. In order to avoid this problems you must record during at noon after lunch time because this is nap moment and in the middle of the night because everyone are full asleep.
Let’s talk about vocal preparations before recording it;
1. You must have a schedule time of your recording one week later so that you can prepare your song to sing and you can take good care of your vocals.
2. At the day of your recording schedule if it is at noon you must eat heavy meals during breakfast and light food at noon because once your stomach has full of food during recording sessions there are tendency that you can not blow and push more air and you can not breathe deeply during your singing.
3. Avoid repeat recording because your throat is affected of stress as a result your final vocal recording is not as good as what you except. So, the lesson here is you must practice hard before recording.
4. Focus and determination is very important. And during recording feeling must be express well.

I hope you have wonderful a holiday! Thank you.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tips on How to Promote Yourself as a Singer

All people have different physical looks. But if you want popular; professional singer you must have good image because you are an artist. Being an artist must be healthy, know how to control eating habits and fashion.

There are ways on how to promote you:
1. Make a business card- Wherever your shows there are different kinds of people you meet and talk too. You only have limited time to entertain them all, so to be professional you need to give your business card for those people have interest your talent. You don’t expect one of them has a recording company.

2. Biography- Write a biography about yourself. Your experiences in this field. Write as simply, true and honest words.

3. Photography- First impression last. Do not put too much make up on your face just keep it clean and natural.

4. Make a quality song demo- Record your song in a CD. Choose top three songs. Number one must be the best song. It can be commercial and or original song.
Tips: Choose a song that is in the level of your vocal range, Great melody, great hook and upbeat.

5. Make a website- All people know how to search; if you are educated in internet you can promote yourself on the net. Or ask friend who can do it for you. Make it simple but professional.

Or you can send via hard copy, but you must let the sender know that you are going to send your materials and ask the right address and the person who will
receive it.

: I hope you'll learn from this tips. Thank you very much. God speed!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What are the Qualities and Knowledge to Learn for Singers

Here are basic questions for singers that needs for an answer;

How do you define music in your own opinion?
Answer: _________________________________

1. What instruments do you play?
a. Acoustic or Electric guitar
b. Piano or keyboard
c. Violin
d. Drums
e. Flute
f. Bass guitar
g. Others

2. Do you read music notes?
a. Yes only do re mi…
b. Absolutely I am a music teacher
c. others.

3. How are you often practice singing?
a. Everyday when I take a bath
b. I almost forgot because I have a lot work.
c. When I am in good condition.
d. I treat as daily breakfast.
e. Others

4. Do you believe that “Physical Beauty” is important for singers? And why?
a. Yes, because many people love beautiful and handsome.
b. Yes, because singers face many crowd and entertain different kinds of people so it must have good looks.
c. Yes, because if you feel beautiful your confidence to perform, has great result.
d. Yes, because singers are artists.
e. No, because I have great voice.
f. others.

5. Do you want to play instruments while singing? And why?
a. Yes, it feels so comfortable to sing
b. Yes, it is a qualification for singers.
c. Yes, it is an art and people love it.
d. No, because I can hire band to play for me.
e. others.

6. Do you know songwriting? And explain.
a. Yes, a person who writes lyrics and composes a melody of the song.
b. Yes, it is like writing a story but there is music.
c. No, I only sing commercial songs.
d. others..

7. Why do singers are successful when they write and sing their “Original Songs”?
a. because people love original.
b. because people want to hear your story of life.
c. because new songs means new inspirations.
d. others.

8. When do you say that you are successful in singing career?
a. If I win “First Price” in a big singing contest event.
b. If my “Album” is sold and reach multi-platinum record.
c. If I hear 22million people tells me that they are inspire because of my songs, they want to listen my songs everyday and they tells me, we want you to perform in a big stadium.
d. others.

These questions are based on experienced in life. Everyone has a lot of questions in mind and you have to write it because maybe someone has something to say about your curious thoughts.
To my dear readers, if you have something to ask please write by posting comments.
Thank you very much! God speed!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Sing with Feeling

Pop singers like Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Heart, Buno of U2, Mariah Carey, The Beatles and etc they are examples of Legendary and successful of their singing career. There are some reasons why they are so successful here are;
1. Sing like you tell a story
2. Understand the meaning of the song before singing it.
3. Read the lyrics of the song as many as you can.
4. Think someone to whom you dedicate the song you sing.

The best to express the song word by word is singing by your language like if you are American you sing an English song so it is very simple to express your feelings. English songs are so familiar to everybody but some countries having difficulties in singing and speaking in English. To sing with feeling you must follow the tips above.

This video is a religious song, and I hope you like it. Thank you very much.

For more videos of Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Heart, Buno of U2, Mariah Carey, The Beatles please go to you can learn many tips on how the way they expressed the song with feeling.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ways to attain your dream as a professional singer

In every skills and talent to develop it is reachable if it has a constant practice. The more you keep going on your dreams the better success you get.

Singing career is a long process of making it possible even if you have an inborn talent in singing there must be sacrifices to do. Keep on learning and develop the skills not only in singing but also in whole music business.

Well first of all you need to work plans in step by step to make you more deserving of what is for you and where you belong. Practice singing is an everyday schedule makes it as daily work schedule.

1.) The best is that you must join extra curricular activities.

2.) Experience is the power to excel professionalism.

3.) In order to achieve it must have a self confidence, hard work and perseverance.

4.) Make an album and sell it if you have no original songs it can be commercial but must ask permission to the songwriter or publisher of those songs for your album.

5.) Work as an Independent band. And if you need more financial support and popularity, find some recording company to promote your songs.

6.) There is no impossible if you try and learn and try. Good luck!

Friday, August 7, 2009

How to Record a High Quality Video Song in Laptop or Notebook using Headphones with Microphone

I remembered when I recorded this song “Everything I do I do it for you” I was vocalized my voice. Believe me you have to warm up first before starting to record. If you don’t vocalize you will repeat the recording many times. This is my video I hope you’ll like it and if you have yours please let me know and I am happy to watch and leave comments into it.

Please visit my channel soon just by clicking this link jeanine youtube channel

Thank you my dear readers and God Speed!

Monday, August 3, 2009

How to Maintain a Healthy Vocal Chords

There was a man who says that “Music Is My Life” but he has a problem with his voice he feels that he can’t sing anymore why because he knows nothing about the proper care of the voice. Voice is the most important instrument at all so it really needs a number one care.
These are tips on how to make your voice pure, clear, healthy and strong all the time.
Do not drink coffee, tea with honey, soda and everything has caffeine.
Do not practice to sing if your throat is stress or if you are not feeling well wait until you’re fine.
Don’t drink cold water.
Don’t smoke.
Drink 8 glasses of water everyday please.
Warm up your body like shake it.
Eat healthy foods fruits and vegetables.
Keep on vocalizing your voice at least 15 minutes another 15minutes for singing your song.

-Every plan needs an action.

If you have something to share guys please leave comments thank you very much!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to use Studio Headphones at the studio during Recording Session

When recording songs at recording studio, the vocalist will need a headphone to hear the music instrumentation.
Please take a look at this photo, it's called "NORMAL POSITION OF HEADPHONES". Left and right ear are covered.

If you are a studio vocalist and you'll record your songs at the studio, it has a big difference of proper use of headphones and its position. These photos are the right use of headphones, professional position of headphones and proper use of headphones as a studio vocalist. "THE OTHER SIDE OF THE EAR IS NOT COVERED"

You can easily do these techniques at home. All you have to do is record your voice with the instrumental music while using the headphones and let's see the results.
I am glad to hear and see the results to all you’re testing. If you have a channel on please let me know so that I can hear you performing. Thank you so much my dear readers!

Monday, June 29, 2009

How to have a Successful Singing Career Opportunities to be heard and get Discover

1. If you want to be heard and get discover in your singing career there are a lot of opportunities outside. If you are a student in School colleges and Universities, ask the Dean or in charge of the School if they offer scholarship in singing. They call it School of Arts. A big opportunity in School of arts is you will become a Scholar it means that they will give you a big discounts of your tuition fees.

2. How do you spend your vacant time like Saturdays and Sundays. What if you go to the church and are a Soprano Choir member in Music Ministry. The more opportunities you take the more experienced you have. Experienced is very important in any kind of field especially in music. In addition, making a lot of opportunities and make money as a choir, you and the group can play Wedding Occasion and Birthday Occasion.

3. Form a Band. It is easy if you have already friends who can play instruments. You can create 3 persons in a band 1 guitarist with Vocals 1 drummer 1 Bass
Instruments you need are as follows: Guitar and Guitar amplifier, Bass and Bass amplifier, Drums, Sound system for microphone of vocalist and Microphone. Practice many songs because when you play at shows like concert the owner or organizer will demand many popular songs from 80's, 90's and modern and perform it perfectly. Mostly you play at maximum of 2 hours. In One hour or first set you must play at least 12songs and another 12 songs in second set. Once you have completed the requirement of the band, you are going to make Band Profile then contact restaurants, clubs and any possible gig venues and ask if they are looking for band audition or you are going to post an advertisement online that you are band for hire. If you want to have a lot of opportunities promote your band.

4. Upload your own video on original and commercial songs is okay. Things to do how to post video on here are: Copy and paste this link then Sign up if you have an account you can now post your video on youtube but you need a Web cam with Microphone. There are many viewers around the world in youtube and they post comments constructive and positive so it good for improvement of your singing skills.

I hope you learn of my ideas and wish you good luck guys!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to Become a Successful in Music Career

Music is a gift from God. It is very natural and part of our lives. Many people love and admire a person if he/she has a talent. We all know that music is very important to all of us. And that is why in church wedding there must be a choir to make the celebration more meaningful, lively and entertaining. Wherever you go there's music to hear even in the Buss, Jeeps, Taxi, Restaurants, Fast food chain and Malls because music gives you energy and inspiration. Making money in music career makes you rich. Start to write your own song now.If you have original songs play it with your band or solo performance and that there are many people will hear it and you will get discover. Or you can finance your own album and release it as indie label start with your own product which is your album. There is another way to make money in music business and it is in the field of music licensing; every new product needs to advertise and with music background it can catches attention to everyone.
Next, if you are professional music teacher a master of any instruments you can make money in tutorials. Advertise your business in Schools, Online, Newspaper & posters. Technique is that first offer a free tutorial in your community & church because it is a way of publicity and you will get known.
In Philippines music industry is one of the tough businesses to make because of piracy, always want for free, and a lack of confidence. I hope we Filipinos are helping each other to make our country is in the list of rich country in Asia and in the whole world. We have high potential to make business as long as it is original.

Thank you my dear readers!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to form a Choir and Band

A choir must play in Church mass, Church wedding, religious concert, any classical and or opera concert.
Type of choir singers,
-Soprano & Alto, Tenor & Bass
Instruments to play,
-Piano, guitar & violin

A band must play rock, pop, Rnb, hip-hop in stadium or in restaurant.
Type of group of the band that includes,
-Vocalist, Bassist, guitarist, drummer & keyboardist

I hope you enjoy and learn from my tips.

Thank you dear readers!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to Choose a Song for Singing Competition

Do you want to join American Idol?
Follow these tips:
1. Your song must be fit in your vocal range.
2. Song must be meaningful that can touch people's heart.
3. Make your own style just do it naturally.
4. Joyful song is cool.
5. Song must be great in melody.
6. Try to search your favorite singers and choose their best songs for you.
7. Ask your family to give for you constructive comments about your song choice and listen to them because they really know you deeply. Don't get hurt if whatever it is.
8. Keep it in your mind that you are totally unique. Have fun and make your audiences forget their problems in a moment. That means you entertain them well.

Have a wonderful day my dear readers!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to Become a Famous Singer and Musician

1. Master your instrument. your voice is one of your instrument so you have to do everything for you to success.

2. Play music instruments. Guitar is easy and fast way to play and bring anywhere whenever there are gigs live performances. Mostly, hit songs only used basic chords like G-D-C. Imagine yourself playing and singing in front of the crowd and they will appreciate of your artistic talent. Legendary famous singers who played instruments like The Beatles, Eagles, The Police, Nirvana, Led zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and many more...

3. Make your own song. Do you know that making your own song is very important as a singer? Even if you win in American Idol, Philippine Idol and many more Idols in the world, but you have no original songs I am sure you will not become famous legendary singer in the long time. People will remember and appreciate you only when you perform at show and when you are getting older the world will forget you forever because you have no memories by your original songs.

Thank you my dear readers!

Friday, March 20, 2009

How to Expand Vocal Range Tips

Here are the following Tips and Ideas:

1. Proper Breathing. like when you get anger and you scream so you need more air support. It's the same as you sing in high notes.

2. Smooth transition between chest voice and head voice. Chest voice- is the lower ranges of the voice in speaking or singing while head voice- the higher ranges of the voice in speaking or singing; the vibrations of sung notes are felt in the head. So, the more you used head voice, the more you need air.

3. these are tips and tricks.
A. Try the soft approach when recording your vocal.
B. Keeps the tones of voice more consistent.
C. Some songs will require more push, so back off the microphone when doing so.

I have been collecting these ideas from unknown helpful people in the forum

If you have wonderful ideas regarding this topic, you are very welcome. And thank you for sharing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Entertain Audience and Fans

It is really sad if you fail to win in singing contest. But how can you overcome the situation? Instead of thinking negative, please try these tips;
1. Say this: There is always a second chance.
2. Keep on smiling to your fans, friends and family.
3. And always say thank you to God for everything you've done.
4. Do not ever get angry at yourself.
5. Keep going to your dreams to become true.

I will be happy to hear from your thoughts because in every word you say is unique and important.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Learn to Sing High Notes

This video is all about vocalizing the voice to attain high notes or pitch.
It's clear and simple singing video lesson. Actually it is an instrumental music for vocalization.

I hope you have wonderful time singing with the back ground music. If you just follow the vocal warm up in regular basis, your voice is easy to come out clearly.

Unlike, singing directly in a performance is dangerous to your voice. It may not give bad effects right after you sing, but in the long run you'll be facing difficulties to attain great voice.

Another tips for vocalizing, if you have skills in playing piano, you can vocalize by your own. Just play do-re-mi-fa-sol then sol-fa-mi-re-do. Play it in chromatic scale begin with C major scale, Dflat major scale, D major scale and so on.

And instead of singing the notes, you can replace it with a word like MIYAH! This word helps your mouth wide open in a right form. If you vocalize, always open your mouth in circle form. Make it sure that there is enough air you inhale in order to exhale properly.

This sample image is a scales with MIYAH lyric. Just play the notes with your piano and sing  MIYAH.

Learning is not all about spending huge money in college education, but with the help of sharing information through blogging, there is no need to pay voice coach anymore.

And if you have kids at home and willing to learn to sing, offer 30 minutes to vocalize and teach him/her how to sing and because that experience, it may develop your skills in teaching.

High notes pitch is attainable if you have dedication for yourself to vocalize and for others. If you are beginner do it slowly until it gradually fast.


If you want to buy a copy of his CD's please go to this link Galt Studios Music Lessons

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Successful strategy in planning for a singing career

A lot of recording artists really want to sing cover songs commercial songs. Based of my observations and experience, they do it for the sake of popularity and don't know what really matters of being a recording artist singer. The truth is that if you have original songs you're going through to your success in your career because people only want to buy a new songs and original.

Cover songs applies in gigs and concert.If you need a feasible strategy, the following below is recommended:

1.) Start to write songs with lyrics that you love.
2.) Start writing melodies to those lyrics and try to sing it with influence from your favorite music artists.
3.) Establish your own voice, this is where you will be known "for being you".
4.) Start your own YouTube channel where you can post your originally performed songs.
5.) Start to get more friends of similar ambitions and likes.
6.) Accept criticism and aim to improve more.
7.) If you asked to perform for a cover version of a specific song, it is much better to render it in your own style and voice instead of covering it exactly as the artist sound.
8.) Play live often, it will be either be in bars , wedding, and everywhere there are lots of people.
9.) Videotape your performance and upload it in YouTube.
10.)Once you starts to get attention especially your performance and your song, it is now the time to hire a good record producer.
11.)Your objective now is to release an independent recordings or demo which you can sell to the labels or even to your fans.

I hope you have a wonderful time! Thank you.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eight ways to become successful vocalist

Proper pronunciation

If you can project or say the right word and deliver the true meaning of the song it is the same as you sing the right note. English songs are common for every one to sing aside from that it is a universal language so; it is needed to practice English pronunciations especially through songs.

Some people have difficulties to pronouns English because their language is quite different especially in some countries of Asia. In positive sides, a singer who sings his/her native language has great loyalty to the country. But if you have a dream to be heard in the world or even in some other countries, it is needed to sing English songs and it is important to pronouns the words well.


Listen to any non commercial and commercial songs is great. And to admire singers has big helped to enhance the voice quality, through comparing your voice with your favorite singers. However, it is not good to imitate every thing because by means of imitating it is a way of hiding your true colors and your own personality as a unique performer.

As a singer it is quite transparent and obvious to have originality it is a possibility to become famous because people know you through your style of singing, the way you interpret the songs and how to deal the audiences. Your fans love you of who you are not because you are like Celine Dion or Whitney Houston.

Originality begins with your creativity. Be sure to follow the standard rules in singing like regular voice warm up and always physically and mentally fit. Then make your own style including, how your voice sounds, how you dress, how you play your instruments, how you entertain the audience. And through originality, you can find yourself comfortable and it is easy to succeed in your career.

Be professional

Time management is very important as a singer because once you are late with your appointment, your client is disappointed and he/she probably not giving a gig or show. In short be on time of your performance. You must be ahead to arrive than your audience. Taking care of the voice is part of professionalism because you can not sing if your voice is not sounds well. So, aware how much time you sleep, it must 7-8 hours, drink water of the time, eat more vegetables. Be health conscious with your voice.

Practice consistently to achieve excellent performance and you look professional with your work. The laziness attitude is your best enemy in this career. It is so simple to defeat this conflict; you must love your work and spend all your time with your work because you loved it. It is like how you love your parents, and the thing to do by expressing your love is to spend your time with them.

Say a little prayer

If you believe in God then prayer is one your priority. But those who don’t know that a talent is a gift from God; you must start to believe it. There are times that you feel rejection and it is true that you can not please every one. If you believe in God with his miracles and power he can transform people turns to love you because he can do everything.
Say thank you to God every day for all the blessings. What ever happens don’t treat it negatively. It is God’s purpose how your situations might be. Just love God and spend time with him and it is how you spend time with your work.

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