Monday, November 24, 2008

Ways on How to become a professional solo singer band singer performer

Everybody wants to become what they like. We are free to learn everything in this world.
Here are suggestions and opinions to attain;

Be a self motivated performer

You can not be a performer if you don’t have the courage to practice and attain perfect performance. Aim to get perfect if your goal is to become a performer. Some people think of inspirations in order for them to force in getting the best they can.

For instance, some body criticizes your ability to perform instead of being negative for yourself. Try to use the critics as your motivation to do better next time. But don’t think more personally of those negative comments that you’ll hear until it might comes to revenge.

If you are motivated to attain your goals because of revenge, you stop doing that and change it or else in the end you’ll regret coz evil thoughts drives you with that motivation.

The secret to get perfect motivation is transform the negative opinions into a positive one. If you are always positive, you can not feel the challenge because you are not afraid.

Be a self learner

Experienced counts because the saying goes “Two heads are better than one”. You are not curious why networking works? Many people want to talk and read varieties of information from other people. It is an instinct to human beings to learn naturally because our conscious powers.

Self learning is involving to get of other ideas. Learn what they already tried and ask why they succeeded? It is better to make contacts with people that those who made performance experiences. Ask the veterans and experts and learn to get their strength to get professional performance.

Interaction is one way to learn naturally because every individual has its own experiences and ideas to share. Yet, if you want to hear people’s thought, you always ask questions to them and listen their answers, it might help you to grow.

Constant practice is a must

It is being said many times, to practice, practice; practice is very important tool as a performer. If don’t want to disappoint your fans make them satisfies your performance.

Buy VCDs of professional recording artists or bands and apply their techniques, like how their fans dance with their music? This is one challenge to attain to be professional performer. It is important to practice new techniques to get perfect improvement of your profession.

Play live performances

Confidence is another trait to attain to be a professional performer. To build confidence you must have consistent live performance because the more you play live with many people, your interaction will be develop.

Be a professional singer or professional instrumentalist

How can you be a professional performer if don’t know how to sing? It is a big question, if you don’t have the skills. But, there are instances to perform and be popular, like those TV hosts, actors and actresses. The television company risks their investments to those popular television artists.

Their fans will attend their concerts and buy their albums of other cause which not advisable because music is not their priority instead of getting profits.

The truth is those who have singing abilities will survive in music industry and those who use their popularity for other purpose will not last.

Start to write your own song

Do you know Beatles, Bryan Adams, The police, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, Bon Jovi, Led zeppelin and etc they are good examples of successful musicians. And because of their songs every one knows they are great performers. If they play concerts, every body will buy their tickets without hesitation.

These people are true recording artists, professional singers, and professional performers. And so, are you ready to make your path to attain to be a professional performer?
You do it now not later but now. 

This video is for entertainment and hope you will learn from this.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Difference of voice quality with vocal warm up and without vocal warm up

Rigid in your voice trainings will make your career down. If your mind had already set a wrong concept that reminds you of knowing everything but in reality you are still have many improvements to do then success is hard for your to achieve.

Many times you must remind yourself that is very important to warm up your voice. Like for instance, if you are a guitarist you are restless if you can’t play with your guitar right? And so, make this habit with your voice to maintain your healthy vocal quality.

Effects of voice quality if without vocal warm up;

You will experience harsh voice, tight vocal chords, stress muscles and feel tension if you sing don’t have vocalization. There are singers, who smokes and drink beers and if these types of entertainers perform the concert show without vocalization their voices will create damage which the vocal chords.

Have you observed popular singers who abused their talent?
Many of them because of their fame and money, they forgot to give respect with their source of their popularity which the voice. It is necessary that in life there must have balance.

What can you do with money if you lose your voice?
It is really the most frustrating situations that could happen in your life to lose your instrument no other than your voice.

Video without vocal warm up;

Advantage of having vocal warm up;

Number one reward for being consistent and persistent of improving your skill as a singer, to give time each day to vocalize is to attain the high quality voice. You sound like professional if there is daily exercise of your voice.

Can you promise to spend 15-30 minutes a day to vocalize your voice?

The conflict of not doing this is to have a close mind. It is because appreciation and popularity covers the truth that to have constant practice in singing career is a must.

Some of your friends and members of the family give positive comments that you are really a great singer already. Don’t take it seriously, but well you must be happy that they have your support and don’t forget to say thank you.

Yet, still your mind is still looking for new things to learn. It is a wrong concept, that you stop practicing because other thinks that you are great.

It is a big mistake because if you are contented of what others said, you will never grow as a singer.
So, it is important to have daily vocal warm up to attain your goals in an easy way.

Video with vocal warm up;

I hope you'll learn some tips of my videos. Thank you.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to sing naturally like to sing in Speech Level

It is necessary to sing in natural way because it is a way to express the song well, and to show the people that you really mean the song. 

This technique is important to acquire as a singer because this is what the people are looking for; they want an entertainment by the clear and right understanding of songs.

Knowing the behavior of your fans

On the other hand, your fans could be kids from 8-15 years old. Their taste of music is always upbeat, they want to dance. Kids like light music and colorful views because their minds are more in playing and more fun.

So, before going to your performance know first your audience so that you have an idea what songs you sing and the dress to wear. Kids are more with jokes and games, so you’re your energy must be in level up. And that is why you need to be physically fit if you choose this career.

Fans from 15-25 years old are more in love songs. These are teenagers; they need songs that can relate with themselves. Like songs for admiration, for love, and friendships. These types of fans are fun of attractive singers.

In general if you entertain with the teenagers; you must feel like a single man and or woman who seek lovers, friends and partners. 

Fans from 25 years of age and above will take your performance seriously, they want an organize show and because of their previous experiences they feel boring sometimes. So, you must be more experienced and wiser than your fans. And this time, is one of the challenging performance you get.

And to get their attentions is simply by singing in a natural way. Study on how to sing with your soul and full of life. And by doing this technique is getting to know you. Meditation is one of the exercises to do.

Save the best for last

When you say nothing at all 

I hope you will learn something from these videos on how to sing in natural way. Thank you.

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