Saturday, October 17, 2009

What are the Qualities and Knowledge to Learn for Singers

Here are basic questions for singers that needs for an answer;

How do you define music in your own opinion?
Answer: _________________________________

1. What instruments do you play?
a. Acoustic or Electric guitar
b. Piano or keyboard
c. Violin
d. Drums
e. Flute
f. Bass guitar
g. Others

2. Do you read music notes?
a. Yes only do re mi…
b. Absolutely I am a music teacher
c. others.

3. How are you often practice singing?
a. Everyday when I take a bath
b. I almost forgot because I have a lot work.
c. When I am in good condition.
d. I treat as daily breakfast.
e. Others

4. Do you believe that “Physical Beauty” is important for singers? And why?
a. Yes, because many people love beautiful and handsome.
b. Yes, because singers face many crowd and entertain different kinds of people so it must have good looks.
c. Yes, because if you feel beautiful your confidence to perform, has great result.
d. Yes, because singers are artists.
e. No, because I have great voice.
f. others.

5. Do you want to play instruments while singing? And why?
a. Yes, it feels so comfortable to sing
b. Yes, it is a qualification for singers.
c. Yes, it is an art and people love it.
d. No, because I can hire band to play for me.
e. others.

6. Do you know songwriting? And explain.
a. Yes, a person who writes lyrics and composes a melody of the song.
b. Yes, it is like writing a story but there is music.
c. No, I only sing commercial songs.
d. others..

7. Why do singers are successful when they write and sing their “Original Songs”?
a. because people love original.
b. because people want to hear your story of life.
c. because new songs means new inspirations.
d. others.

8. When do you say that you are successful in singing career?
a. If I win “First Price” in a big singing contest event.
b. If my “Album” is sold and reach multi-platinum record.
c. If I hear 22million people tells me that they are inspire because of my songs, they want to listen my songs everyday and they tells me, we want you to perform in a big stadium.
d. others.

These questions are based on experienced in life. Everyone has a lot of questions in mind and you have to write it because maybe someone has something to say about your curious thoughts.
To my dear readers, if you have something to ask please write by posting comments.
Thank you very much! God speed!