Friday, March 23, 2012

The Impact to Acquire Originality of your Voice

What Trend of Music Genre for Singer to excel?

In today’s time, pop or popular music is always a standard genre. American, Asian, African, European and from all over the world Idol winners all of them have vocal skills to perform in pop music. As a result, people chose them because their voices are standard accepted with their ears.

Two reasons why is it necessary to learn and acquire the powerful vocal quality of Idol voices;

1. You are special than those ordinary singers. It has a huge of percentage population in the world, knows how to sing but to develop it is a big struggle.

2. You can sing solo performance. People love to hear your voice alone. And through vocal quality, there is big chances you get discover to sing as a vocalist in a band and later on you get a major contract in recording label.

Steps on how to acquire the powerful vocal quality of Idol voices;

1. Make an everyday schedule to your vocalization. It is either in the morning or in the afternoon vocalizes at least 30 minutes a day.

2.  If you need an expert go to music school near you and enroll voice lessons. Be very smart to ask questions to your vocal coach because you pay for it and everything that you should need to know there must be an absolute answer from your teacher.

3. Surf information through the internet like forum and ask questions to those who are expert in voice.

4. Keep on practicing and be a keen observer to Idol singers. You will be one of them someday, if you learn their singing ability.

5. Be original about the sound of your voice, the important is you develop to the maximum. And vocalization plays vital rule.

The importance to have originality in every way you sing;

This time a keen observer and a creative mind reveal, because once you go back to 1990’s- 2000’s Idol singers have different voices. Only the vocal qualities they have were the same. Nevertheless, most singers are always trying to copy the voice of other but it is a wrong technique.

Celine Dion is popular to her high pitch strong voice but before she has that vocal quality she went through major trainings. And also Celine Dion is a big fan of Barbara Streisand.
Example; if Celine Dion was trying to copy the voice of Barbara Streisand how can they be recognized in their Duet “Tell Him” if they have the same voice? Listen to their duet and you will know if that’s Celine or Barbara singing.

People recognized your voice very fast even if it’s only humming because you are not ordinary you have originality.You need to know that, Idol singers have the ability to sing higher range, can whistle, can sing lower octaves, can make lots of intervals in one syllable, and can automatically sing from lower to higher octaves.

Achieve these skills and you’ll be a successful one.Always remember do one step at a time and be consistent in your trainings. Keep on doing the right practice and keep on asking questions to make improvements.
Learn from your mistakes and keep on innovating until you’ll discover the best for you voice.

Good luck and Thank you.!