Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to Become a Successful in Music Career

Music is a gift from God. It is very natural and part of our lives. Many people love and admire a person if he/she has a talent. We all know that music is very important to all of us. And that is why in church wedding there must be a choir to make the celebration more meaningful, lively and entertaining. Wherever you go there's music to hear even in the Buss, Jeeps, Taxi, Restaurants, Fast food chain and Malls because music gives you energy and inspiration. Making money in music career makes you rich. Start to write your own song now.If you have original songs play it with your band or solo performance and that there are many people will hear it and you will get discover. Or you can finance your own album and release it as indie label start with your own product which is your album. There is another way to make money in music business and it is in the field of music licensing; every new product needs to advertise and with music background it can catches attention to everyone.
Next, if you are professional music teacher a master of any instruments you can make money in tutorials. Advertise your business in Schools, Online, Newspaper & posters. Technique is that first offer a free tutorial in your community & church because it is a way of publicity and you will get known.
In Philippines music industry is one of the tough businesses to make because of piracy, always want for free, and a lack of confidence. I hope we Filipinos are helping each other to make our country is in the list of rich country in Asia and in the whole world. We have high potential to make business as long as it is original.

Thank you my dear readers!


white man in asia said...

Good advice! Music is also the food of love :-) which enriches all of us.