Saturday, April 16, 2011

How do you Measure your Success as Singing Career?

How old are you today? Are you in a hurry to attain your dream to become a singer? Or are you old enough to fulfill your dreams to become a singer? Where are you now in Singer career? Are you really focused to make realized your dream?

Age is not the hindrance to make your dream come true. Yet, the better you start to develop your singing ability at young age from 5years old above because when you get teenager you have the instrument the “VOICE” wherever you go it will always be with you and time will come there’s opportunity for you.
The best thing to do is keep on doing the things that belongs to your goals everyday. Every little thing creates results at the end of the day. Count on the things you do that’s makes you happy and never mind the distractions.
Hope is your key to success. Feel the hope from the bottom of your heart and it's you will be as free to do everything and have freedom. The way to change your mind from reactive to proactive is that you only need to have “HOPE” all the time.
Set pointers where to stop. Meditation is a way to review you. Sometimes you forget to think where you are now; it’s like if you are busy of your job you forget to eat your meals, so the effect is not good. It is very important to meditate and ask yourself what do I want in my life? You are in the situation of having everything you are now a celebrity but you are not happy. We all know that to do over time have many effects; over time in keep on mining more minerals even though we have all enough. Don’t forget to have limits where to stop because as we all know that not only a career is our priorities in life but also the people you love and they need your presence.

There are factors that makes you sometimes to have unfocused mind in achieving your singer career;
1. Poverty. If you belong in a poor family, does your parent supports your talent? They focus on finding day job to provide the basic needs for the family. Are you strong enough to fight your dream? Of course you have to because there is always ways if you will continue searching what you wish for! Don’t get discouraged if your parents can’t support you to the fullest and all you have to do is understand them and find a solution. In a way of your skills in singing you will make money from it and that’s the time you can help your parents and they will make you them proud. Always put in your mind that everything that has happen to you is God’s purpose. What I mean is that, you will keep on moving to find ways to become your dreams will realize. Don’t blame your parents instead use them as your inspiration that when you go for your dreams they will be proud of you and the poverty will banish forever because you make a lot of money from your talent. Always keep in mind don’t make money illegally. Do what is right and be contented all the time.
2. Low of Self-esteem. Millions of people are successful singers but billions of them are failure. Because good moral values is as difficult as to swim in a pacific ocean 24hours. We lose to realize our dreams it’s only because of fear to accept the mistakes and failures, afraid to hear criticism. There are kinds of people who are destroyer of hope that is why you have to be strong and stand for your dream. Once you are successful no one will ever stop you. So, have pride for your talent by fighting the struggle.
3. Lack of decision making. The thing a person has very difficult to do is how to begin. You have all the time and resources why do you hesitate to do? What are you waiting? If you can’t answer these two questions so, it is time to act now. Sometimes, you depend on what others opinion, you have your own brain and heart use it. You only lend from others advice only to those who cares for your talent. Be aware of family advices because they’re your weakness, and you know that they have powerful opinions than your grandparents, friends and relatives but try to explain to them what you really want to do in your life.

Note: Always chose the right path to make your dreams come true. There’s no success without hope, contentment and happiness. Good luck and God speed to all.