Monday, April 4, 2011

Motivation to Become a Singer

Most of the time, the talent was inherited by our parents Genes. As a person with talent you must have to develop it to make you become skillful. Do you think it is a simple job to become skillful and talented that a person has? Yes, it is easy if you have motivations to become what you want. These might be are the motivations you have;
1. Motivation of passion to sing. Some others say that it is better to go through the rough road and without wearing slippers but with strong and happy feelings rather than doing something that is not a field of expertise and it is sad. In other words, what passion do you feel now? Is it because of anger that motivates you to become a singer? You are angry it might be because of jealousy and insecurity of comparing yourself to others. Do you know that the more you get angry the more you are closer to become a loser? How about passion of love to sing without expecting of any return. The more you practice everyday and develop your voice it is a sign that you love your talent. It is like preparing food for you family everyday without complaining any single word. So that’s how you love your voice, you care by developing it and sharing with others.
2. Motivation of fame. This is very common mostly for teenagers; they need more attention to many people that is why teens are trying their best to expose their talents to be able to become popular. But you know what? Popularity is not permanent it is temporary because everyone will get old. So, are you one of this?
3. Motivation of parents. This is so emotional and inspiring to hear when your parents encourage you to become a singer because it feels lightly if parents will support your dreams. But, in the end you will be the judge of yourself to analyze and ask yourself a question, am I really a singer? Like for example, it’s a culture of parents in the world who drives the dreams of their children. The parents are powerful to control their children’s ambition because they are the one’s to invest and finance them. The parents will choose the course even if it is not really fit with the child capability, but always remember to give a full of respect to your parents no matter what they do. Parents are great listeners to their children it means that you have the right and freedom to explain and tell the truth about your expertise and your strength. The best is that, once you are mature enough to decide, analyze and find your own livelihood, try not to depend always your parents as long as you decide in God’s will and never hurt anybody’s right and feelings; so you can go through your journey that is full of light. And this light will bring you success to become a singer.
4. Motivation of Money. Oh! I want money! I need money! It is true that money can buy everything in this world, can buy popularity and can buy position especially in politics. You are very rich singer if you win in the national singing competition, Album sales, concert and product advertiser. Well everyone wants to have money and some who aims to become super rich and others are contented if they can provide their basic needs everyday. It all depends on how you think of money as your motivation to reach your goal or maybe you want to have lot money because you dream of owning a 5 star hotel, make a mall and make a Disney land. Or let’s make it simple, you donate your money to the poor or you want your family to live in a comfortable life. Lastly, if you are motivated to have a lot of money through your talent in singing, starts to act your plan on how to make money by the use of your voice. Be sure it is the right way or else you will lose.

Note: Please try to think twice of the decision you make. The most important to be aware of is not doing things in a fast way. Don’t be selfish and self centered when making decisions always think of others more than you. Relax and keep on doing your everyday work in a right way. Be true to yourself by accepting your mistakes and learn from it. Don’t stop and keep on walking with full of confidence. There’s nothing to worry about what’s ahead of you even now because everything are made for God’s purpose. What motivates you now is not a mistake you chose it and you must stand for it because every opinion is always right. However, you must be very careful and smart enough to think and chose the right path of your way to become a singer. Wherever you go, you will pass because there is always an Entrance and Exit!