Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Importance to know the Basic Note Reading and how it helps you as a Singer

If you are called as singer, you must know more than singing like the basic music note reading because not all the time you will sing the lyrics but also on how to read and sing the notes. All tones that you create start from the tone of the notes DO- RE- MI-FA-SOL-LA-CI-DO. Some people especially instrumentalists that have the skills to compose a song they usually compose by humming the melody and record in a tape recorder.
However, there are times if you are not good in singing you don’t know that you sing flats or sharps. Singing is very critical especially to sing in an exact pitch sound. In other words, professional singers like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion can sometimes experienced to sing flats or sharp however, their advantage is they do know that they’re out of tune because they have the ability of note reading and hearing.
The scales with sharps and flats:

Here are the importance and advantages to know the basic note reading and singing;
1. If you wish to join a choir you will use your basic knowledge in note reading because not all the time, choir conductor can manage the sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. Usually he/she focus on the soprano part because it is a melody of the song while altos, tenors and basses part is in harmony.
2. Proper singing the exact notes can help to develop singing in a correct pitch. Singers must aware if their voice tones are in flat or sharps so they can easily avoid the out of tune.
3. It is so easy to compose a song if you have the knowledge to read and sing the notes starting from middle DO to higher DO.

4. Play your guitar or your piano and apply your knowledge in note reading. I believe that all singers are required to play their own favorite instruments because it is a must. It is fine if you only know on how play the basic because time will come you will improve only if you practice.
5. If you don’t really have the skills in singing it is very important for you to focus on practicing the note reading in G-clef and Bass-clef because you can express your love in singing through composing the instrumentation or to play instrumental songs.
6. Music note is a universal language, all of the people in the world can read notes unlike the Filipino language for instance Pag-ibig-Filipino language, do you think people who live in Africa, America and Europe do know the meaning of Pag-ibig? How about Do-Re-Mi? Try to ask different kinds of people, they know it. So, music is the most respected of all human kind.

So, for those who want to become a singer, you must study and learn the note reading because music notes are vital requirements for singers. You are professional if you can read, play and sing the notes.