Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why attitude is more important than singing talent?

With the current trends today, it is debatable that attitude is more important than singing talent. I have a question for you: “How do you feel if you have the greatest voices in the whole world but no one will like you or remember your existence because you are really a bad person?”

Let’s have a case example: Supposing your goal of becoming successful in singing is only about money and fame. So which means you should do everything in your life just to get money and fame. Some singers might cross the boundary and do bad things just to get their goal. But let me tell you that aiming for money and fame can always get you in trouble in the long run.

Some singers have short run of success aiming for only fame and fortune. Why? It is because it is easy for them to get drunk of their success and not being to manage those things effectively and positively. As a result, their money ran out because of mismanagement and ignorance. There are countless stories of singers who had gone very successful and then went bankrupt afterwards.

So why attitude is more important than singing talent? The answer is that attitude is what really determines your value and importance to others. No one cares how good or excellent you are as a singer if you do not have the attitude. You have no value to other person. It is because simply you do not value them as well. Having fans is easy but retaining fans is even harder. It is disappointing to hear that because of your bad attitude towards your fans, you will lose a lot of loyal fans in your singing career.

Your success as a singer actually depends on your attitude on these 3 different things:

1.) Attitude towards your fans.
2.) Attitude towards your promoters, producers or business partners.
3.) Attitude towards yourself.

How can you show good attitude towards your fans:

1.) Value them so much by replying to their messages or fan mails.
2.) Reward them for their loyalty; you might as well give them free tickets for your most loyal fans.
3.) Be punctual in every fan shows.
4.) Look them in the eye when they are talking to you.
5.) Be nice to them, show them at most that you care and not being ignored.

How can you show good attitude towards your business partners:

1.) Do not partner with them just because of their money.
2.) Do not expect your business partners to be the only solution to your success. Sometimes more hard work should be done on your part.
3.) Do not hate your business partners if they fail to land a deal for you.
4.) Reward your business partners if they help you on something significant to your career. You can treat them to dinner, drinks, etc.

How can you show good attitude towards yourself:

1.) Always be happy in everything that you do.
2.) Do your best in everything that you do.
3.) Do not blame yourself for failures.
4.) Aim for happiness in life not in money and in fortune.


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