Thursday, February 25, 2010

How ambitious are your dream as a singer: Types of Vocals

Do not stop to find ways of what you are looking for but, you have to be wise in your choice. As a singer profession, it needs more expertise in other fields especially in instruments because music is always competitive. Destiny can not be predict, sometimes you will be first become an instrumentalist before going to be a singer. Singing career- can not be measured in popularity it’s your feeling, how you are contented of what you have achieve of your dream as a singer.
You can choose what types of Singers are you:
1. Lead Singers- It must be the best of all the instruments. You have the ability to sing well. Remember, not all lead singers have high vocal range. When you sing use the combination of expression of energy and feeling of the music. You see many singers are not lead singers but they really know what a song how to sing really well. Lead singers know easily on how to catch the audience attention. If you dream to be a lead singer, you must be professional. Experience makes you a best lead singer.
2. Background Singers- This type of voice must be very flexible. You have to balance the volume and timbre of your voice. You sing back up to the lead vocalist. Do you think it is simple? Oh no it is difficult because you have to use your ear, voice range and timing. Unlike lead singers sing with full of energy while background singers sing with harmony.

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