Friday, November 27, 2009

Tips on How to Promote Yourself as a Singer

All people have different physical looks. But if you want popular; professional singer you must have good image because you are an artist. Being an artist must be healthy, know how to control eating habits and fashion.

There are ways on how to promote you:
1. Make a business card- Wherever your shows there are different kinds of people you meet and talk too. You only have limited time to entertain them all, so to be professional you need to give your business card for those people have interest your talent. You don’t expect one of them has a recording company.

2. Biography- Write a biography about yourself. Your experiences in this field. Write as simply, true and honest words.

3. Photography- First impression last. Do not put too much make up on your face just keep it clean and natural.

4. Make a quality song demo- Record your song in a CD. Choose top three songs. Number one must be the best song. It can be commercial and or original song.
Tips: Choose a song that is in the level of your vocal range, Great melody, great hook and upbeat.

5. Make a website- All people know how to search; if you are educated in internet you can promote yourself on the net. Or ask friend who can do it for you. Make it simple but professional.

Or you can send via hard copy, but you must let the sender know that you are going to send your materials and ask the right address and the person who will
receive it.

: I hope you'll learn from this tips. Thank you very much. God speed!