Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The different sounds between Major and Minor scales and how it relates to develop the singing skills

It is very important for a singer to know and need to master and practice the difference between the sounds of Major and minor Scales because it has a big impact with your hearing techniques in singing. Once you are being able to identify and sing the major and minor key soon it is very easy for you to sing. Try to get your available instrument and play the C Major scales and also the minor scales the B minor. The C major sound is like the feeling of happiness and lively whiles the B minor sound is like a tone of sadness.

Picture of C Major Scales

Here is the example of C Major Scales and try to play the scaling on your guitar or piano and you will notice the Major scales is like climbing up to the mountain without hesitation also if you play the scaling going down, is like running the stairs from 4rth floor until ground in a comfortable condition. When it applies to the singing skills, once you are going to sing a major key, try to express it with full of energy and have a strong feeling into it, so that you can give the meaning and interpret the piece very well.

Picture of B minor Scales

Again play the minor scale it in your mastered instrument. Minor scales are always below the pitch of major scales. So, if you sing in a minor key your singing style must bring has its expression in a sad mood and mysterious tone. In fact, minor key is the most expressive the way you sing. It needs more deep feelings and it must be true emotions when you try to interpret and sing a song in a minor key.

A simple example with this is a “Happy Birthday song” you will easily know that this is a Major Key because from its title itself. What if there are times you celebrate your birthday alone because no one remembered your birthday, can you sing the happy birthday song in a happy mood? Maybe not because the current emotion will affect automatically through the song you sing. The minor tone has big impact when you sing love songs.

Picture of C Major Chord & A minor chord, F Major Chord & D minor chord

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Importance of Proper Breathing and how to Achieve in Singing

Why is proper breathing important? What are you going to do when you breathe normally and regularly? What are the reasons why you can’t breathe well? And how is it being applied?
Proper breathing is very important for singers to sing well. It is like an instrument that is in perfect tune. The reason why is it important to have proper breathing are as follows;
First you can pronouns well the words of the song. When you breathe in and out use your mouth for out and nose for in and feel the shape of your mouth is going round, start to sing together with air to let go.
Second the phrasing is clear and sounds great. If you have enough air inside, the words of the song is connected to each other. So, the audience can understand well the meaning of the song. The audience is more interested and respect to your performance and all the attention is always on you.
Third the power of the voice that can make the audience stand is well delivered. Try to blow a big candle but before you make it you’ll have to breathe in to have enough air inside, when you start to blow you’ll aware that the air will gradually out until the last blow is strong. That’s how your voice should be; the way you sing has dynamics.
Fourth you can feel relax while you sing. Have you been in a performance the feeling of breathing was disconnected? It is because you forgot to breathe the air in; you have no enough power to release the strong of your voice.
And fifth our body needs oxygen that is why we have to breathe properly because oxygen will make our body always in condition.

To be able to attain and achieve the proper breathing in singing, it is important to have regular exercise of your voice it is called “VOCALIZATION” to make your mouth is always in right shape, to develop your voice with high quality and you will know what is your range, then do physical exercise at least 15 minutes a day because these will make you healthier and be able to have enough oxygen in your body to maintain the air will go inside without any force to breathe in. And also to breathe in it is better to use your nose and then to breathe out use your mouth. The reason why nose is use for breathing in because your diaphragm will make it tight it means you had enough air to blow when you start singing. Practice expanding slowly your stomach when it’s time to release the air or when you start singing, then keep on the diaphragm tight to breathe in by the use of nose, so you can always have enough air to support and make your voice clear and great.
On the other way, and remember, drink a lot of water, eat glow food and sleep well especially before performing live. Don’t force yourself to sing if you are not in a good condition, unless you are already mastered the piece. Make sure you memorize the lyrics and where in the song to breathe in and breathe out. Memorize everything; do not bring a copy because it reduces your ability to remember. In singing, the words of the song must be memorized instead of being dependent on subtitles.

I really hope you learn something new and I'll be glad if you develop and improve it by your heart! Good luck and God bless you!