Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Are Basic Vocal Warm-Up Exercises

Before going to be an expert, you must start with the basic. It is always an advice to have warm-up exercise before singing. It is like when you wake up in the morning you warm-up your body to prepare for the work.

Here are the basic tips of vocalize your voice;

Inhale and Exhale

Wherever you are you need air for the reason of staying alive. And this will help to release stress. It is important to know how to inhale and exhale properly so that it stabilize the air going in and out and it is easy to breathe when singing.

To inhale is to breathe the air, it is better to breathe through your mouth because there is more air to go inside. Practice using inhaling through your nose, it is also important. To implement a proper inhale exhale, start to inhale slowly while your chest to your back will expand and then exhale the air slowly until you will feel light. Repeat this exercise many times at least 10 times.

Shaking hands

After Inhale exhale, shake your hands Down and Up 10 counts each. This exercise will always refresh your muscle from previous exercise. And also it release from nervous or tension.

 Brrr while using do-re-mi-fa-sol scales sound

This exercise will help relax and warm-up your lower and upper lips. You know the note sounds do-re-mi-fa-sol then sol-fa-mi-re-do just sing the sound of the sol-fa syllables but your word use must be brrrrrrr.

Basic vowel sounds are very important, there are lots of vowel sounds but these five are always use. Form any words that start with A-E-I-O-U and then sing it with so-fa syllables. Like for instance, MAMA.

 Look at the image and play it with your keyboard and then sing using the lyrics mah mah. After the C major key make another scale D major it has two sharps fa and do and then make another key E major and so on.

 Play this image in your keyboard and sing with the lyrics a-e-i-o-u. Sing the A scales without cutting of breathe, and then breathe before singing the E scales and so on.
This exercise helps your pronunciations very clear and it helps your mouth open properly.


While familiarizing the note sounds you also do vocal warm-up. It is better to memorize the sound of sol-fa syllables because it improves your pitch. It is important to sing perfect pitch because it is a requirement to be professional singer.
Pitch is important than vibrato.


Sometimes you forgot to smile when you are in the middle of nervous and cramming. There are times, you sing on the spot and keep in mind to smile. Especially when you sing high notes because when you smile your mouth open naturally.