Sunday, September 7, 2008

Constant practice and sing for free services build more confidence as a singer

To become a singer you must have self-confidence.
Here are ways to get these traits;
 Join Church Organizations
Audition to be a choir member many choir conductors are looking for great singers, because to be a choir you must have ability to sing soprano, alto, tenor and bass it is very difficult to find some one who has the singing skill.

As a choir member there are lots of exposures because every day there will be mass celebration. If you can serve the church every day then do it because it for you your development, the more you perform the better you acquire confidence in yourself.

Another exposure is mass wedding; at least two times a week you have a chance to give your service and you’ll know more songs not religious but also love songs. You can also perform at the wedding venue that is why you need to have a master songs this link will give tips on important of master song piece.

The most special exposure in church is to be a Psalmist it is because the words that you sing is a song praise to God. To be a Psalmist it needs more emotions to express the meaning of the Psalm to convey the people. Your confidence must be present in this kind of performance.

You must feel the word of the Psalm and then try to sing with all your heart. Keep calm while singing even if your rhythm is fast; try to relax your body.
Join extra curricular activities in school
Always be active to participate in every school activities. Anything that will help to develop your confidence in singing, you must do it. You will never missed music in school, like the National Anthem and Loyalty song every morning all of you will sing.

And in every program there is invocation followed by national anthem, what if you will volunteer yourself to sing the invocation and the national anthem? The first thing you said to volunteer it is a sign of being confident.

But you need an action to prove your teacher that you can sing. You need to practice religious songs for the invocation song like the “The Prayer”. And for the national anthem it must perform in an acapella style.

Another event, inside your room when your music teacher is looking for a singer, raise your hand she/he might help your dreams to become true.  Music teachers have many contacts so if you really have singing skill he/she brings you to the right path of your career.

 Do not be afraid to share your talent because it is a gift from God. Your classmates are very proud of you and they will promote you in the campus and also outside the campus. Your classmates are your bridge to build your confidence more. Lastly, always choose friends who can understand you and likes music also.

Constant practice
As a student there are many assignments to do, but always give time to practice. Every day use your vacant time for practice. Do not practice that you are already mastered.

Do a new thing that is related to singing. If you need to expand your voice range practice vocalization and if you think that your body is getting fat exercise to lose weight. Every little thing that you do counts if it helps the development of your singing skill.
Prayer is the most powerful to make impossible things made. There are times that you feel scared but when you know God exist and you know that God made you to become a singer and he made for his purpose, he is always be there for you to guide your way. All you have to do is practice and God will do the rest.


Before and after you sing, ask the Holy Spirit to give you strength in your performance and you affirm that you sing for God’s praise. After you sing, always thank God for giving a chance to sing and share your talent.
Accept that you have weaknesses, and then improve it.

Every one is not perfect so no matter what you do, there are always struggles. Use these trials as your motivation to build more confidence.

Last updated: April 13, 2012