Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to Sing Properly, Without Pressure and Tension

People’s reactions will tell you if you sing no pressure and no tension because they are you measure of your success. If you fans satisfy your performance level then you are professional.

How can you get high quality voice and get excellent results if you have no constant practice? Follow the simple tips and do it with full of love.


Do the entire basic vocal warm up exercises and spend 1 hour before you perform.
You can not sing properly if you miss to rehearse before performing. You use all your muscles to sing. Your voice is your instrument and those muscles are part of it. You must have regular body warm ups to make it as always in good condition.


This technique is one way to release your stress. Problems and hatred will reduce and or kill your energy. So, take a deep breathe then close your eyes and imagine the things that you did to make people happy. And imagine yourself what will happen in your future career. Make your own success imagine that you are already successful.

Meditation helps your creativity develops. This will also helps you to be more unique person. And if you do this exercise in regular basis you will slowly know yourself well.

Choose a room or a place and sit alone in 5-10 minutes or more. And be sure no one will bother you. Close your eyes and imagine the wonderful moments of your life. Talk to yourself by asking questions, will help know better of who you really are.

Especially your weaknesses and strength is the most important to discover and accept it. Because of acceptance, when you encounter critical issues regarding your performance, you are happy to hear it and willing to change for good.

This technique is excellent to do before you perform in any events. To make your body relax you can sing well and give the meaning of the songs easily.


Show a big smile to the fans, have an eye to eye contact! If you smile, your mouth is in the relax position, when some one is asking you a question you are always ready to answer slowly but surely.

Don't show to everybody that you are tense or feel nervous by showing a sad face. Breast out and stomach in it indicates that you are confident and by showing your body language you let them know that you are prepared for the battle and willing to do everything no matter what happen.

In your big smile, you show their satisfaction of your performance. Your smile symbolize to your fans that you are ready to forget their problems.

Don’t think too much

Oh you are conscious of your outfit! Remember, your fans are waiting to hear your voice not the dress you wear. And also there are times, that you sing in pronto or actual but you don’t have warm up. To forget the worries is simply taking a deep breathe and smile.

If you are focusing negative views, your performance is affected. You are there to sing with all your heart use the power of positive thinking! Do it and expect the best! Accept whatever happen and always end your day joyful.

On the other hand, over excitement can cause stress and you energy level will be reduce. Keep calm is what matters most.

Be natural

Show your originality by using your own techniques and styles in singing. Be sure that is 100% original. Don’t act like any one. Be yourself is necessary. People will love you how you entertain them. Be sure to be a good person. Aim to make your fans be happy. Good luck!

Last updated: April 16, 2012