Sunday, November 13, 2011

The importance to practice Note Intervals helps enhance the Listening Skills of a Singer

What is it in your mind about Note Intervals? 

A singer sings different kind of songs but she doesn’t aware that every piece of the song has note intervals. And if the intervals are not correctly sung, it results to out of tune. This time, singer must give attention to every notes intervals of a song piece.

See the example below;

Starts from first bar the notes are do-mi- sol- fa- mi- re| do- do-sol-fa-mi-re| do-re-mi-do-sol-mi| re-mi-re-sol| sol-la-ci-do-re-ci|. Try to sing started from do- mi and so on…

Imagine every note has different melody but there are notes like in second bar do-do and this is called perfect lower octave and higher octave do. These two notes have the same sound.

The advantage of a singer to sing in right and perfect sounds of note intervals that she/he can delivers the melody of the song well. So, in results to that many people admire this type of singer because she sings perfectly. 

Even though a singer lacks voice technique but can sing the right pitch of the note, she’ll be great!
Most of the time singers perform just by memorizing the melody of the song and yet all the melody has its equivalent note sound. 

Like for instance the Happy Birthday Song;

We can see the note of birthday song is not easy to sing through the use of so fa syllable. Yet, if it is only a melody and lyrics of birthday song is so simple to imitate to sing.

And if all the people are knowledgeable about musical notes, everyone must compose their song through notes.
The problem arises if a singer doesn’t know how to sing note by note because she might be making her own melody and it results to out of tune. 

In other words, reviving the song is not bad but the essence and the meaning of the song is in complete if original melody change and that’s really the problem.

Second example is the National Anthem especially in Philippines, if a singer innovates the melody of the song Lupang Hinirang, the government agency will file a case to that singer who perform. 

So, if whoever wants to sing the National Anthem you must practice the right intervals of the songs and the right note.

Third is Taylor Shift, this recording artist sings naturally and have a very simple voice. She is not like BeyoncĂ© Knowles which voice is so complicated because the reason why Taylor Shift becomes popular that sings perfectly. Though she can’t hit high range but she can hit the right intervals of each note.

For those who dream to become a singer, just keep on developing your skills if you can invest to enhance your knowledge in music to the fullest. If you experience failure make it as challenge to achieve your dream. Keep on learning and apply the right technique.