Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Market yourself as Singer part 01

Promote yourself is the most complicated part. You have to let people know that you have talent and skills to be proud to market. It is quite important aside with your talent; you also have to know to be a sales person. Sell yourself with the right plans and tools.

How to plan to sell your services

1. Promotion. Set realistic plan and make sure to execute all of it. There is a saying to remember “if you fail to plan, then plan to fail” by Claytoven Richardson.
Every singer has its different style of their promotion, the important here is the right information and the tools to use in order to achieve those set of plans.

Here are the tips on information that you need to know

1. Know your services- There are skills that you acquired, while others are their weakness. Assess yourself to know your strengths. Lists everything that you are an expert of like for instance, you can sing with many kinds of genre, singer/instrumentalists, can read music sheets; you have perfect pitch and etc.

2. Ask yourself why people hire you- Be sure that you’re talent is special. And the skills you offer is unique that others do not have. Originality of your singing style is the most important factor that you have a chance to get hired.

3. Build and acquire experiences and have strong educational background- In every opportunity you have is precious, use it to impress people. Attend trainings which is music related, this will help you a lot. You also use your video clips and reviews about your performance.

4. Know your goals- Think of encouragement and words of inspirations to yourself to be able to accomplish your plans.

What is really your purpose in your career?
To makes for a living, fame and or fulfills a dream.

Where do you want your singing career take you?
You want world tour with the band, or a recording artist, an actor/actress.

5. Know who uses your services- If you think that you have the skills to read music sheet, start to research who need your skills. Then, know the qualifications, the types of project and get their contact information and find out how to contact them.
Also search on networking opportunities like trade shows, conferences, seminars and advertising agency, it have more clients to contact.

Tools to make use of good effect to sell your services

1. Business card. It is a professional business tool. Use this to distribute your contact information. Whenever you have gigs, give your business card to potential client.
The design of your card must be original.

Inside the card it includes;
Contact number

Jeanine Maningo
Singer.Vocal Coach

Search on the net, free template on how to make business card.

to be continue…