Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How to Market yourself as Singer part 02

2. Make a blog. is popular to every one. Once you’re finished set up your blogger account, start to write your content. Your content must be about your services. And it is another thing to promote you through online.

3. Make a hard copy biography. You can post your latest biography in your blog, if in case there is opportunity outside, you can automatically print it out and make sure you have updated biography.

How to make a biography

1. Lists your educational background and skills required.

2. Professional experiences as a performer should be highlighted.

3. If you’re new comer give impressions to educational background.

4. Make a story about your career what should it be in the future. Be positive and keep it interesting to the readers.

5. Let them know you well and keep in mind that those people who read your biography, do not know you.

6. Always write your biography it in the third person.

7. If you can’t do well to write your biography, find someone who can do the job effectively.

8. Make it sure to tell the truth.

9. Your biography must only 1 page. Client feel bored to read long biography especially if you are new to them.

4. Photography. The photo size must 8X10 head shot. It is black and white. And before going to the studio you have to put make up to give more impact to the market.
An Image plays big rule in music industry especially if you’re in a country pop genre. Know your style of your music and fit it to the result of your photo shoot.

5. Demo package. Make sure to use right quality CD and it must be professional.

6. Make a budget. You plan all this and make sure the budget is enough. In Cebu Philippines, recording studio rate is 500-1000 pesos per hour. It also includes cost of your photography, you hire people who make your biography, hire an assistant vocalist, hire instrumentalists and etc.
To save money is the first best idea.