Monday, April 16, 2012

Easy ways to determine of goals and directions as a singer part 02

To be a hired singer

There are advertisements online, who are looking for a singer to perform in a special occasions. Like for instance, to sing a marriage proposal a person who hired you will give the type of songs you perform and it must be a love song. 

Or there are times he/she request you to write a song for her girlfriend. If this happens, you need to know more information about their love story in order for you to make meaningful song. And in that matter, you will ask big fees because this job needs more time to prepare.

To be an opera singer

This type of singer is quite popular in western countries like Europe. People there will give high appreciation if you have an opera voice. If you think you have strength to let the people hear your voice, then make new market in your country. 

When they hear you singing fantastically, people will start to appreciate this kind of voice and there will be more aspiring singers who make you their model.

If you have a chance to go abroad for your singing career, then do it. To explore is a great adventure and you will meet new friends. If you believe that you will become a successful opera singer, God give you a way to get that dream. Just go through the right way.

To be a studio singer

There are times singing is a passion, and if it makes you to be happy you can share your talent for free. If you are an active in church organizations and one of their organizations is music ministry. There are skillful songwriters who made original religious songs, and they want to find singer who can sing the song they made. 

Your voice will be recorded and it is being promoted to the people and they will buy.
It is a great accomplishment to share your talent to sing religious songs. And if you want to make money from it, you can organize small concert and sell tickets.

Demo Singer

You must have many songwriter contacts. You offer your talent to sing their songs. How to make money as a demo singer? Companies are looking for jingles. And also there are songwriting contests.

But there are songwriters, pays you money to sing for his/her demo songs and if your demo will be accepted another fees to pay and there’s chance for you to become famous.

All you have to do is to find opportunities, either on the net or in newspapers, radio stations, and television stations. Help the songwriter find a ways to get his songs is heard.

After you chose what you want to be, another question to be followed;

What do you want to accomplish as a singer?

This question is all depend on how complicated your goals. The more you take challenge and take more risks; you will get great rewards for your career.  If you choose to be a superstar so you have take many steps.

Where do you want your singing career take you?

By keeping developing your skills, keep on learning new things is a key to know the answer; until time comes you realize that you are one of the influenced singers in the whole world. People will not forget you and your songs, so they call you legendary.

It is your performance and your songs will take you where in the world you want to go.