Monday, April 16, 2012

Easy ways to determine of goals and directions as a singer 01

Before you formulate any ideas, construct questions related to your career. If what is your answer, make it as a key of knowing to get to know your goals and get into the right direction.
What type of singer do you want to be?

To be a choir member

If this is your goal you will have to acquire the skills on how to read notes. And so, you will have to study about reading music sheets. 

In a choir the musical instruments is not usually needed because choirs sings in an acapella form.

In a choir there are singers who sing soprano, alto, and tenor and bass and if these will works the chords of the song be heard. In a choir the singers in different section will form there four part harmony.

To make money in this career you can be hired in big occasions, like concert for a cause, be a background choir in a concert of symphony orchestra.
To be solo singer

This path is quite challenging because you must acquire popularity by means of exposures like joining singing contests. And or make an album and get sign to a recording label.
To achieve this goal, you must have high social skills to promote yourself to the people in music industry. Always be professional in all you do and if you take risk, be sure that every thing will be in good results.

To be a band singer

 It is an advantage if your family members are musicians because they could be your group band. To form a band you only need a family member who plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. If you have a strong leadership to form a band with your own family, this group will last forever because you all understand each other.

To make more money is playing many gigs and most importantly show to the people that your band is unique from other band. Your band must be competitive in order to make big deal and earn more money for a living.

What is really a big deal means? Get sign to recording label.
How to be competitive in music industry? Make your own songs and it must be a hit songs.
How to make hit songs? Make a song that is conversational, has meaning to the people and emotional and then promote your songs.

To be a back up singer

Choice is what makes you happy if you think singing is your minor skill but you have the skill to play instrument and so, you can join in a band and be an instrumentalist. You can sing as back up singer with the lead vocalist. And if there will be a chance that you get sign in a recording label, you sing back up.

And also, the role as a back singer is like a lead vocalist because there are times the vocalist can not sing and you will a substitute. Be a back up singer is quite complicated and interesting to do.