Saturday, April 14, 2012

Persistence and Consistency two major traits need to acquire as a singer

An aggressive singer is a way to get the goals done because it is a symbol of having determination. For instance, an aggressive singer will always have constant gig schedules and it’s another way to have a brighter career.

 The connection of contacts and fans is continuous if you are diligent and committed to perform. Every gig venues there are always potential clients and if chance is with you, market yourself to make more money for a living.

Marketing tactics is to use the charisma technique, being shy is not applicable in this career. Speak up for yourself and don’t be afraid to tell your skills and always be true when the client ask for actual performance, they must expect excellent results from you.

It is not an excuse that sometimes you encounter critical clients, which they are happy to disappoint like you, don’t think of negative thoughts just don’t entertain those kinds of people but do it in a nice way when you exit the conversation. You will always act like a professional because you might not know that a true client is just observing your attitude or the club owner.

In music business talent is not just the only basis to become a successful singer and instead it is a great impact with the traits. For example, another club owner is looking for a quality singer. His definition of quality singer is not all about voice range but it’s the professionalism.  

What if it is your habit to come late during your performance? 

Being late is a sign of unprofessional so, give respect to others time or else you lose the opportunity that you are looking for. Being a professional is what matters most and it includes the expertise of skills in singing and also by being mature to handle yourself as a person.

Persistence is to keep trying and keep trying, not all the time you have the luck. Wait for your turn but it doesn’t mean to sit.

Every day you will find a way on how to become a successful of your career and if it is need a change then do it. Do not count and expect the unrealistic, day dreaming is a not good instead to count the things that you done.

To be persistent is difficult to acquire if you are still dependent of other decisions. To have this trait is just be yourself and always looking on positive point of view and have faith of what you do and believe that you will be a successful someday.

Consistency is to target your goals very firm and constant. In life there are so many influences like, to choose a course in college education. Your family and friends will encourage you to get a course that you don’t like and if you agree their suggestions then your target is out of your sight.

Be firm and constant! Just be yourself to know who you are, and what you want to be? If you have strong decision it means that you build maturity.

And you must believe in this saying; “What makes you happy makes you rich”. Every one aims to be rich, do you think of having millions of money in a bank is measurement to be a rich?
It is a big no because materials things destroy and broken but your skill and talent that you love and develop to the fullest, will always be inside of you.

Talent is a true wealth and nothing to worry about unlike money brings lots of worries and sometimes it is source of all evil.
And so if talent is a true wealth, aim to become true by bringing with you the persistence and consistency traits.