Thursday, February 12, 2009

Successful strategy in planning for a singing career

A lot of recording artists really want to sing cover songs commercial songs. Based of my observations and experience, they do it for the sake of popularity and don't know what really matters of being a recording artist singer. The truth is that if you have original songs you're going through to your success in your career because people only want to buy a new songs and original.

Cover songs applies in gigs and concert.If you need a feasible strategy, the following below is recommended:

1.) Start to write songs with lyrics that you love.
2.) Start writing melodies to those lyrics and try to sing it with influence from your favorite music artists.
3.) Establish your own voice, this is where you will be known "for being you".
4.) Start your own YouTube channel where you can post your originally performed songs.
5.) Start to get more friends of similar ambitions and likes.
6.) Accept criticism and aim to improve more.
7.) If you asked to perform for a cover version of a specific song, it is much better to render it in your own style and voice instead of covering it exactly as the artist sound.
8.) Play live often, it will be either be in bars , wedding, and everywhere there are lots of people.
9.) Videotape your performance and upload it in YouTube.
10.)Once you starts to get attention especially your performance and your song, it is now the time to hire a good record producer.
11.)Your objective now is to release an independent recordings or demo which you can sell to the labels or even to your fans.

I hope you have a wonderful time! Thank you.