Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Learn to Sing High Notes

This video is all about vocalizing the voice to attain high notes or pitch.
It's clear and simple singing video lesson. Actually it is an instrumental music for vocalization.

I hope you have wonderful time singing with the back ground music. If you just follow the vocal warm up in regular basis, your voice is easy to come out clearly.

Unlike, singing directly in a performance is dangerous to your voice. It may not give bad effects right after you sing, but in the long run you'll be facing difficulties to attain great voice.

Another tips for vocalizing, if you have skills in playing piano, you can vocalize by your own. Just play do-re-mi-fa-sol then sol-fa-mi-re-do. Play it in chromatic scale begin with C major scale, Dflat major scale, D major scale and so on.

And instead of singing the notes, you can replace it with a word like MIYAH! This word helps your mouth wide open in a right form. If you vocalize, always open your mouth in circle form. Make it sure that there is enough air you inhale in order to exhale properly.

This sample image is a scales with MIYAH lyric. Just play the notes with your piano and sing  MIYAH.

Learning is not all about spending huge money in college education, but with the help of sharing information through blogging, there is no need to pay voice coach anymore.

And if you have kids at home and willing to learn to sing, offer 30 minutes to vocalize and teach him/her how to sing and because that experience, it may develop your skills in teaching.

High notes pitch is attainable if you have dedication for yourself to vocalize and for others. If you are beginner do it slowly until it gradually fast.


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