Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to sing naturally like to sing in Speech Level

It is necessary to sing in natural way because it is a way to express the song well, and to show the people that you really mean the song. 

This technique is important to acquire as a singer because this is what the people are looking for; they want an entertainment by the clear and right understanding of songs.

Knowing the behavior of your fans

On the other hand, your fans could be kids from 8-15 years old. Their taste of music is always upbeat, they want to dance. Kids like light music and colorful views because their minds are more in playing and more fun.

So, before going to your performance know first your audience so that you have an idea what songs you sing and the dress to wear. Kids are more with jokes and games, so you’re your energy must be in level up. And that is why you need to be physically fit if you choose this career.

Fans from 15-25 years old are more in love songs. These are teenagers; they need songs that can relate with themselves. Like songs for admiration, for love, and friendships. These types of fans are fun of attractive singers.

In general if you entertain with the teenagers; you must feel like a single man and or woman who seek lovers, friends and partners. 

Fans from 25 years of age and above will take your performance seriously, they want an organize show and because of their previous experiences they feel boring sometimes. So, you must be more experienced and wiser than your fans. And this time, is one of the challenging performance you get.

And to get their attentions is simply by singing in a natural way. Study on how to sing with your soul and full of life. And by doing this technique is getting to know you. Meditation is one of the exercises to do.

Save the best for last

When you say nothing at all 

I hope you will learn something from these videos on how to sing in natural way. Thank you.

Last updated: April 17, 2012