Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to Become a Famous Singer and Musician

1. Master your instrument. your voice is one of your instrument so you have to do everything for you to success.

2. Play music instruments. Guitar is easy and fast way to play and bring anywhere whenever there are gigs live performances. Mostly, hit songs only used basic chords like G-D-C. Imagine yourself playing and singing in front of the crowd and they will appreciate of your artistic talent. Legendary famous singers who played instruments like The Beatles, Eagles, The Police, Nirvana, Led zeppelin, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and many more...

3. Make your own song. Do you know that making your own song is very important as a singer? Even if you win in American Idol, Philippine Idol and many more Idols in the world, but you have no original songs I am sure you will not become famous legendary singer in the long time. People will remember and appreciate you only when you perform at show and when you are getting older the world will forget you forever because you have no memories by your original songs.

Thank you my dear readers!