Thursday, October 13, 2011

Greatest Singers/Vocalist of all time and WHY?

If you would like to know who are these greatest singers and vocalist of all time, keep reading. You will know why they are great and why you should idolize them. This is not ordered according to their greatness and popularity. Spend time listening to their works (depending on your selecting genre), if you allow yourself to be influenced by great singers, you would also become a great singer.

1.) Aloysia Weber (Classical 1770-1839) – she is great for performing Mozart most difficult soprano pieces.  One of the highest notes ever written for a soprano (Popoli di Tessaglia) was written by Mozart and the composer dedicates the work to Aloysia Weber to perform.

2.) Bono ( Pop 1960- ) –one of the greatest modern singers. Bono is the lead-man of the band named U2 famous for chart topping hits like “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “In the name of love”, “With or without you”. Bono is with U2 for more than a decade and still performing today. A lot of singers cover Bono songs and imitate his vocal style.

3.) Luciano Pavarotti ( Classical 1935-2007) – a tenor famous for Ave Maria, Madame Butterfly, etc. His early life is not joke; Luciano had a difficult early life and faces a lot of challenges as a singer.  There are moments that he spent six years of his life in recital without a pay and even had one problem with his vocal cords that almost forces him to quit singing.

4.) Mariah Carey (Pop 1970- ) – one of the most successful and influential pop singers of all time. She could sing one of the highest notes in soprano, performed whistling very well and sung difficult staccatos. One of her favourite and famous works includes “Love takes time”, “Hero”, “Emotions”.

5.) Robert Plant (Rock 1948-) – leader of the most successful heavy rock band “Led Zeppelin”. Robert plant vocal technique and style in the 70’s are legendary and pioneering in approach. Lots of bands follow the same vocal style through the 80’s, that rough, high-pitching heavy vocal style.

6.) Elvis Presley (Rock 1935-1977) – the king of rock n roll is a great vocalist himself. He influenced a lot of great singers and a great live performer. Although he is not known belter, his cool down to earth voice is one of the best things that ever happen to radio.

7.) Michael Jackson (Pop 1958-2009) – the king of pop is certainly one of the best singers of all time. Even when he was a child, Michael talents for singing is already very clear. He was remembered for singing “Ben” as a child and transforming into a mega pop star in the 80’s and 90’s releasing multi-platinum albums like “Thriller”.

8.) Celine Dion (Pop 1968-) -famous for common singing contest piece such as "My Heart will go on", "Immortality", "Because you love me" and many more.

9.) Aretha Franklin (Soul/Jazz 1942- ) - she is also no.1 in the list of greatest singers in all time Rolling Stones. I am a great fan of Aretha Franklin, some of her songs like "I say a little for you" is a very nice soul song.

Did the list miss something great?