Friday, October 21, 2011

Vocal Exercise for singers to attain Perfect Pitch

There are things to be aware of in singing. One of this is to prevent flatness and sharpness of the voice because to sing perfectly is critical sometimes flat and sharp is excuse but it’s not right to make it as a habit!

That’s there should be constant practice and enough techniques. Many aspirant and potential singers do not aware of their pitch tune. If a singer sings sharp she is out of tune and it destroys the entire song.

As you listen to the sample video and you can see the 2 types of image the first one is the correct CMAJOR SCALE at which the first note is DO followed by the second note RE and so on.

And the 2nd image at which the first notes is DO# then RE. If you have keyboard try to play the two scales and sing it as you play the notes, determine the big difference between DO AND DO# tune. Try to be aware of that mistake because this is very critical in singing pitch.

Here are reference standard recording artists that there songs are useful tools to practice vocal exercise to improve singing with the right perfect pitch;

1.)    Learn to sing standard song by Barbara Streisand the song entitled MEMORY. This song has high pitch and contains a very low pitch tune; you can listen to it in YouTube as you hear Barbara singing, sing together with her.
Examine very carefully how she sings in high pitch and then in a very low pitch tune. 

2.)    Also try to listen to Karen Carpenter song entitled SUPER STAR. The range of her voice can reach to a very low pitch. Try to experiment how did she made it? It’s quite amazing!

3.)    Listen to Rap singers like Eminem song Eminem-Stan feat. Dido and observe how did he do the rap thing while only just speaking the lyrics of the song and still his range is exactly correct. 

4.)    Practice the choir techniques, this kind of singing performance is the most critical because most of the time choirs perform in ACAPELLA Anak- Philippine Madrigal singers or the sing without music accompaniment because there already have harmony due to the function of the Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.
 If each section will sing together it creates chords. But, it is really difficult and it needs enough time to practice. And this is also one of the best tools for you to practice vocal exercise to attain perfect pitch.

5.)    Opera singers are really great. Mozart The Magic Flute Queen of the Night Aria.
To be a great singer, learn from other voice techniques, yet it is not advisable to imitate their originality rather only with their singing style.

It is always the best way to observe and learn from successful singers.
Keep in mind to be careful and aware that not all successful singers have perfect pitch tune, only few are chosen.