Friday, June 11, 2010

How can I improve my singing style

I can say that the best way to improve your singing is to keep practicing. However, lots of wannabe singers do that so it should not be real problem. Days or years past practicing singing, you might ask again “How can I really improve my singing?”

This is where you might realize that practicing is not enough. Do not stop, below are the some of things that you can do to further improve your singing.

1.) Believe in the principle that it is not enough to just practice singing, you need to affirm that: “Constant Correct Practice Makes Perfect”.

So what defines a constant correct practice? Let’s elaborate in detail:

a.) “Constant” in the sense that you need to practice at a regular intervals. Or it means you need to schedule your singing practice. It does not matter whether you can sing daily but definitely it is NOT good that you practice singing only once in a month.

The most recommended is to allot one day in a week of your time to singing. This is what professionals do. If you cannot commit at least once a day in a week to devote to singing, then do not expect in the long run to improve your singing.

b.) “Correct practice” is important. This is what again separates amateurs from professionals. You need to adopt a standard routine in your practice that tests your skills to the limit, which is:

b.1) before doing any singing performance during practice, you need to “vocalize”, spend a lot of time singing the low notes, medium pitched notes, the high notes and the ultra- high notes.

If during these exercises you seem to fail in a certain aspect, then that is your weakness. Weakness does not define failure but it provides a clue to your “vocal range”. So maybe your vocal range is not good for pure pop or ballads like Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, etc. But this is not the end. Your vocal range is possibly optimal for country, rock, or other genres..

You need to find your vocal range in the practice. Principle: Strengthen more on your vocal range and slowly practice/correct your weaknesses.

Refer to this tutorial I wrote on what are basic vocal warm-up exercises.

2.) Test your vocal quality by getting public exposure or training.

If you like singing, do you have it takes to have a “signature sound”? What defines “Quality” is your signature sound in singing; this is what differentiates you from other singers. 

Some might say that if Beatles do not exist today, there is no single event that Paul McCartney will be accepted or even make up to the Hollywood for American Idol. It is because Paul does not have a superstar vocal quality in the likes of David Cook or Kris Allen, he cannot compete even on the same age.

But why Paul McCartney or the other Beatles makes a living out of singing for their entire life? It is because:

a. They love to sing. (Yeah, they do not even need to be voice idols, but if you listen to their music, it carries their signature voice)

b. They love to write. (A big plus to any singer, if you cannot write, do not expect singing be a lifetime career for you)

c. They kept singing and enjoying from it. (Yeah always, not only weeks but maybe everyday)

d. People start to love their performance.

e. People start to follow them.

f. They become legends.

There is no other excuse that you should not do the same. You can get exposed easily nowadays as compared before, today we have You Tube, My Space and lots of live venues that were not available before. It takes time, it takes practice – done correctly.