Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What are Simple Time Signatures and How to Beat

Time signatures are repeating pattern of strong and weak beats of equal duration. Time signature also known as meter signature and it can be found at the beginning of a composition. Time signature is use for synchronization of the music that is being played most especially when it comes to orchestra. Instrumentalists, Singers and conductors must need to know how to execute or beat. These meters are called simple meters.

Use your right or left hand and follow the drawing. As you can see the first beat is downbeat must is always strong. Second beat is to bounce your hand a little through between the second and third downbeat. Third is go back from the first position. The three eight and three fourth are the same beating position, only the value of each notes are different.

First beat is always downbeat and is strong. The two two and two fourth are having the same beating position. Only the value of notes are different.


Please take a look at the drawing. And you can see the direction of your hand. Always remember the first beat is downbeat and is strong, the second is bounce back from the downbeat until middle and the direction of your hand must be inside, then the third beat is outside, finally the fourth is back to from the start.

Thank you very much for your time! God speed everyone!